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  1. Similar situation. Offered 70% off and still in date but when it came to paying the deduction wasn't there. I was trying to give Kaspersky the money direct instead of my usual Ebay purchase. So much for my good intentions. Now there's another offer but the maths is wrong. Back to school Eugene to learn how to calculate %'s
  2. Did you get a resolution to your problem. I'm still waiting on big K for a fix but more people need to report it before its priority is upped.
  3. Kaspersky have just told me they believed it fix when patched to f. For me its no different whatsover. Thats twice now they've believed it fixed - IMHO I dont think they really know what the problem is sadly! //Edit: Issue resolved via patch G, please see: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208285531 Topic is bumped back down and closed as resolved.
  4. For me it never went away. Big K is aware of the issue. Hope they won't mind me pasting this from the last reply to my open ticket. Here's what they say ...
  5. Mmmm as you were! Last night it was back to dead slow so definitely not resolved (for me anyway) How many of you others are still having the problem?
  6. Well tonights results exhibit a behaviour different to previous! Had some 30 odd emails come in. The first 6 took about 15 secs per email but after that the remaining 24 came in at about 5 secs per email. I'm not sure what this means. Its better but I wouldn't say resolved!
  7. Just after 9am Fri 16th Sept UK time I was told by an official source that ... "It is a known problem" "It is currently a high priority and when a fix is released it will be deployed via Kaspersky updates." As a software engineer I have to wonder how something as massive and as obvious as this was not detected in testing. Ah well! Certainly as far as I'm concerned the update that I did Fri evening as resulted in no change.
  8. Surely an update that requires a reboot to come into effect should come up with a popup/notification saying so!
  9. Latest news is that I have an open ticket with Kaspersky. At the moment we're into a change this and that setting and see if that makes a difference. Not terribly scientific but I'll stick with them for a while.
  10. Hi Richbuff - If you read back a bit to my earlier post you can see the answer is a resounding yes! Cheers Colin PS That does seem to be true for a few other folks above!
  11. Richbuff - I suppose that might we worth a try for him but if you look back you'll see that I didn't install over the top but uninstalled first and its exactly the same. Also note that I have exactly the same behaviour on two PC's. I think there's a bit more to this.
  12. Thanks but I did do an uninstall of 2011 then an install of 2012. Both steps went without error so sadly that's not it! Also to all the folks who feel that its some effect Symantec or another program then here's the latest. I have second machine (not an Acer with its various pre installed programs) but another 64 bit thats running Win7 Ulimate and this is a completely clean install that I've done on a new disk. This also runs Thunderbird 6 and has been upgraded from 2011 to 2012. On this machine I get exactly the same effect i.e. with email anti spam enabled 1 email processed every 30 secs, disabled and they just flood in like KIS 2011 So that's two installations with different Windows types that behave in exactly the same way! Does anyone know the exact data flow between the email client (Thunderbird) and the Kaspersky components and how this changes with the spam enable/disable setting. I've been developing software for (cough cough) years and with a bit more information about the infrastructure I might be able to get further with this. (Do any Kaspersky staff read these forums?) Thanks for your suggestions so far folks ('cos I'm really getting it in the neck from the wife who said don't touch it)
  13. Last night I tried having KIS running but with email antispam disabled - Email download rate back to normal. Re enable antispam - emails rate back to 1 every 30 secs. So I think that pretty much points the finger at KIS's spam behaviour. How can they take 30 secs to check ONE email. Answers on a postcard please ;-)
  14. (First post so hope this is in an appropiate section.) For email I'm using Thunderbird 6 for email and KIS 2011 A couple of days ago I updated to KIS 2012 and now my email download speed has slowed to a crawl - about 1 email every 30 secs. With KIS not running they come in very fast - just about the same as they did with KIS 2011 running. Acer PC, OS is Windows 7 64 bit. No other AV's etc running The GSI link is ... http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...24794bdd53cadbf As it is its pretty much unusable so I'm hoping for a quick fix ;-)
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