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  1. Wow, another time I'm very happy I stuck with KAV6... what terrible customer service Kaspersky has. To discuss your disappointment about their terrible customer service, be sure to call Ray at Kaspersky in Boston 781-503-1832
  2. Total garbage - knocked out about 10% of our clients in the past 36 hours. Safe Mode isn't much help when doing remote support. This is going to cost us a LOT of money - at least 6 figures factoring in lost productivity, shipping, travel and overtime. Strongly considering throwing Kaspersky out the window (with 26 months remaining on 450 licenses) and buying a useful product that doesn't bring down systems. .....1 hour and 43 minutes on hold so far.
  3. Testing was done with KES and KSC 9.2.69. Hardware was a mix of Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo desktops and laptops. Policies were stripped down to only File, Mail and Web AV and still caused issues. Unfortunately the sheer volume and severity of issues we encountered during testing is enough to completely shut down any chance of doing meaningful piecemeal troubleshooting. I have a network to run, and I can't dedicate 40 hours a week to fixing a product that should work in the first place. Unless Kaspersky is willing to pay my consulting rates of course. It's simply not a finished product that I'm willing to put into production at it's current stage - I shouldn't have to do hours of troubleshooting for each client. It's even more troubling because KAV6 has been 99.9% trouble free for over a year - Did Kaspersky do some poorly advised house-cleaning in their programming department?
  4. I'd wager that this is only the beginning of the troubles for you. Not trying to be unhelpful, but I'm keeping my clients on KAV 6 until Kaspersky gets their stuff together and fixes the massive problems in KES 8. I've seen the LiveUpdate error on a couple systems here during testing, just had to disable it in the pre-install checks for "incompatible programs" (there's a how-to in the KB I think...) The other error I have not run in to.
  5. About 30% are HP Pro or Elite desktops, yes. We've actually had more problems on Lenovo laptops though it seems. Current install base is 430 clients. Test group was 30 of them (mixed hardware), all been reverted to KAV 6 now.
  6. As with most, I've experimented with KES8 over the past few months, and have been met with nothing but constant problems that cause massive issues with clients. Currently I'm sticking to KAV 6 MP4 Examples (all on XP 32-bit machines) 10+ Minute boot up time. Constant Clipboard failure, freezing when copying or pasting. explorer.exe crashing. Constant TCP/IP Max incoming limit reached messages in the system log. Overall system slowdown. Internet Explorer crashing randomly after2-3 minutes usage. Dialog boxes (ex - print dialogs in MS Word) crashing programs. All of the above have been confirmed on multiple PCs as coming up only when KES8 was installed, and remedied when KES8 was uninstalled. No viruses/malware were present on any of the machines. I'd like to know: 1 - Are there plans or a timeline for a major revision of KES8 to address the major issues caused by this product 2 - What is the timeline for discontinuing support of KAV 6?
  7. 1 - Fix the "Sort by" in all sub-windows (currently throws everything in some random order regardless of which column is being sorted) 2 - Fix the selected PC actually selecting in sub-menus in main group listings (ex - I will right click to run a task on "JSMITH" and it will show "JSMITH" as being selected, but will run the task on "BWILSON" for some reason, so the usefulness of the quick menus is zilch) 3 - Improve license control. I just rolled over 400 Licenses of a 600 client installation and the process was agonizingly painful. 3a- Expired licenses very rarely actually show up as a status. It will show in the main dashboard that "30 licenses are expired" but doing a search or trying to find anything with a status of "license expired" shows 0 clients. 3b - Automatic application of new licenses straight up do not work about 30-40% of the time. 3c - Notification options to suppress license expiration pop-up notices on clients didn't work on at least 20-30% of clients. 3d - Inability to run a batch license update on members who have a certain license applied is incredibly annoying. (possibly be able to run a task on clients from sub-window listings?) 3e - Required actions to 'reclaim' a license from hardware removed from service is very kludged together, should have a better process. 4 - Handling of duplicate names (usually replaced PCs) seems quite poor - usually creates a new instance, but also re-creates the original instance so 1 PC will occuply 2 licences in licensing reports. Can't you use an identifier other than just the name? 5 - Updates - using the last "Lite" update killed my KSC 9 server entirely. Needed to rebuild and restore backup. This isn't really acceptable for something as important as AV.
  8. I have multiple Trusted Zone rules setup for our File Servers (running KAV 6.0 for Windows Servers MP4) through a policy, but it does not seem to be applied to the scheduled full system scans that run weekly. There are a few installers that contain Password-protected-EXE files on each of our file servers (38 boxes) and they are in the exclusion, don't detect when the file is accessed, but show up EVERY SINGLE TIME a full scan is run. I've done a bit of searching, but the settings are locked and applied to all group members, and the policy is on the same tree level as the scheduled scan task. How can I actually apply this trusted zone so it works? Cleaning up these non-viruses is slowly eating up hours I need to spend elsewhere. Thanks a million, G
  9. This is something I'm running into as well on a lot of different websites. Where is the apparent log that it should be keeping on all web AV blocking? It certainly isn't in any that I can find. Thanks, -G
  10. Is there any way to actually delete a file from the "Unprocessed files" list in the admin kit, or does it need to be done manually on the user's machine? I know there is the "Delete" option, but that only removes it from the list until the next scan, it doesn't appear to do anything to the file itself. Thanks, GN
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