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  1. Still having same issues so I have removed KMS from phone. After searching the net, my guess is that is has something to do with the firewall along with USCellular and their CDMA network. There was problems with dialing #777 in the past versions of Windows Mobile, 6.1 and earlier and it was fixed, ya right, Microsoft! I will check back to see if anyone has some suggestions for me. Thanks again
  2. After having no luck with previous versions, I attempted to try the Beta 3 version and KMS still continues to block and or disable my data connection. It doesn't seem to matter if the Firewall is on or off, after time, the connection is lost. I have turned of HTC Location Service, weather programs, any program that attempts to use GPS, any program that attempts to update itself with no luck. One issue I did notice after uninstalling this version. After I uninstalled, I lost my ability to send text messages. Any text message that was sent to me I was unable to read. Tried numerous setting changes, as well as searching Registry for problems but no luck. I was fortunate that I made a complete backup of phone prior to installing using SPB Backup. I have tried other antivirus programs, none of which have a firewall and have not had this issue.
  3. Some more info. I also found that I am unable to turn on the Data Connection in the Comm Manager when it disconnects. A tip from a HTC Forum said turning on Airplane Mode for 5-10 seconds, turn off and then turn on Data Connection should allow the Data Connection to reconnect, which it did. This is better than rebooting and just a temporary fix.
  4. I recently Posted in another area about losing Internet shortly after installing KMS 9. I have installed the newest Beta version and the issue of losing my Data Connection still exists. After searching the Internet for related issues with the HTC Touch Pro 2, there was a problem with dialing (#777) for the data connection. The only time that I have this problem is when KMS is installed. I have removed, Bing, Google Maps, Weather Programs, and any other program that uses either GPS or Data to update with no success. It appears that KMS is causing the Data connection to shut down and not reconnect causing me to reboot to obtain Data Connection only to lose it shortly after. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  5. No reason to get all upset. I just don't plan on doing a reset or format. I have far to much on the that I would need use. I have a complete backup of my phone, so me losing info isn't the issue. I may try the beta version, it can't be any worse than what I am using now. Also, new to this forum so if I posted in the wrong thread, sorry.
  6. No I haven't formatted nor do I plan on it. If that is what it would take to fix the problem, I will just take the hit and buy another product.
  7. Tried the newest version and still have the same problem. If I set firewall to minimum, phone is blocked as well.
  8. Will do. Never really followed the version list, just suffered through it.
  9. I few months back I purchased Mobile Version and shortly after install it would block my mobile internet access. It didn't seem to matter what the firewall was set at, and the only way to get access back was to reboot phone. Then the blocking would happen again. I have been installing to run periodic scans and then uninstalling to gain full use of my phone. I there a fix for this because I would like to have continuous protection? Phone info: USCellular HTC Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.21864(Build 21864.5.0.81)
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