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  1. I put it in the white list but it still isn't working ! I even unchecked banner.gf still nothing!
  2. Where can I find it... I'm in the settings but I can't see it! I mean I can't see anti-banner or whitelist.. maybee I'm not looking well lol!
  3. Hi guys, I need help with something... every time I go on http://www.f1.com this happens : http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=270&u=10023577 , I tried with Mozilla firefox, internet explorer and opera, my friend has Kaspersky IS and he has the same problem... and I only think this happens on windows vista! I have tried so many things but I just can't seem to fix it.. so someone help me plz. My OS: Windows Vista security: Kaspersky IS 7
  4. Try right clicking then properties---then compability--then check and select windows SP2--- then do ok---then right click and do run aas admin! It will work trust me!
  5. Hi, I can see that perople are talking about Kaspersky IS 7. I would like to purchase it but... When I go on Kaspersky's web site I can not find it! I only see Kaspersky IS 6! Can anyone tell me why plz. Thank you
  6. I was just wondering when Kaspersky 7 is comming out. Thank you
  7. Do you have a wireless router? If you do that might be the problem, it might be to far!
  8. Hi, I am a user of Kaspersky internet security 6. I love it, but I was just wondering when the 7 is comming out so I can upgrade to it. Can anyone please tell me? Thank You
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