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  1. Does this version of the rescue disk fixes the bug where it destroys the partitions in vista and 7, specifically using a raid setup. Your rescue disc which I created using the when I booted of a vista raid 1 system. It saw my date fine from withing the bootable disc and did its scan, but when I rebooted the system it said ntldr not found. I went ahead and rebooted with the kav disc again and it saw no data at all in my drives. After I rebooted using the windows setup disc and still saw no data in my drives even though the disc size numbers displayed there was some data in it. I reinstalled windows and to duplicate the error went ahead and followed the same steps as before. Booted with kav after a clean install, it saw my stuff on the disc. After I rebooted back the same issue the partition was gone. Is this corrected !!!! ???
  2. I had the same issue and duplicated it to be 100% sure. The kav rescue discs that use linux instead of the older bartpe setup destroy the partitions of vista and windows 7 systems. I tested this on a raid 1 with vista and it wiped everything. I also tested it again able to duplicate the issue. The first time it boots fine and within the kav disc it sees all the data fine. After reboot you get the dreaded non boot disc. Not even the windows OS sees anything on the disc even though the numbers on the disc show that there is some data in it. My take on this is that kaspersky is using a buggy ntfs driver module. Completely f~ed up from kav to release this crap like that. Should have left it using bartpe. edit: expletive obtunded.
  3. Are any of the kav techs gonna reply to this. It is not a walk in the park when your dam data goes to hell. Which ntfs driver are you guys using in linux. Cause there has been many issues regarding this in the past with data loss due to crappy ntfs linux modules. Let me give you guys a tip and take a look at what acronis uses in they're linux bootable discs. It works like a charm. If you guys can't write your own stuff and have to rely on untested open source garbage, then please do not release utilities like this. Everything was fine while the bartpe option was there.
  4. Dell workstation wih 6ir controller on raid1. Kav workstation 6.4. Booted with the cleanup disc which found a couple of viruses. Rebooted system after cleanup and the whole file system structure was gone. Rebooted with kav disc and it does not see anything on disc either. Went ahead to a clean windows install which rrbooted fine working perfect. To duplicate error booted with kav disc after, did some folder create and delete, rebooted system and again kav disc destroyed file system structure. You can see the disc size as containing data in it but nothing visible at all. This was on a windows vista sp1 32 bit install. This same kav disc did no damage to installs of xp or server 2003.
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