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  1. Whizard, But won't that disable URL checking, anti-banner and Safe Money? One other point, on an identical installation of KIS on another machine I've noticed that when I access the same Synology URL I aren't prompted with the Cert chain message. The settings are identical, What's going on? Many thanks, Sean
  2. Hi, I've created a self signed certificate for my Synology NAS so I can access using HTTPS. The cert for the cert authority has been added to my clients so is trusted. I've added the URL of the NAS to exclusion and trusted URL list but I still receive a 'The certificate chain is not complete' pop up from KIS when accessing the NAS web interface. I'm running appl version (e) on Windows 10 x64 build 15063. How can I stop KIS from showing the cert pop up? Many thanks, Sean
  3. Hi, Since installing KIS I've suffered from numerous instances of the Edge browser hanging (usually for around 30 seconds) before magically coming back to life. This is on Windows 10 Pro. On uninstalling KIS and reverting to Defender the issue goes away. Anyone else suffering the same? Many thanks, Sean
  4. Hi, Solved! If I untick the 'Run KIS' box (which is ticked by default) and restart the machine I'm prompted to provide the license key when running KIS from the system tray. KIS then starts without error. Thanks for your help, Sean
  5. Hi, The processor warning message is normal and is linked to power management. The Surface Pro is fully updated. I removed all traces of the previous KIS installation but the installation of the latest version still hangs at the 'Loading the application' point with a moving progress bar after installation. Numerous other versions of KIS installed on the same Surface without issue. Many thanks, Sean
  6. Hi, Having uninstalled a previous version of KIS 2016 to install a clean version (2016 ( the new KIS installation fails to start after what appears to be a successful install. The 'Loading Protection' screen remains in place with a grey Kaspersky icon in the system tray. I noticed that the event log indicated that the Kaspersky folder was still in place so a system restore was performed, the folder deleted and the installation retried. The same outcome results. Is there a KAVremover for 2016 as it appears that a full uninstallation leaves too many folders\files behind. This is a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Pro. Many thanks, Sean
  7. Also, the problem where Outlook wouldn't automatically send\receive emails on opening has now disappeared so whatever caused the issue with incorrect SPAM marking also affected send\receive on opening.
  8. Hi, I too have this problem but with a twist. My initial installation of KIS enabled Anti-Spam (with no action from me) but resulted in emails I was working on (in the Drafts folder) being marked as SPAM and sent with SPAM in the email title. This usually occurs if I'm sending an email to numerous recipients. I've just uninstalled and reinstalled KIS in an attempt to fix the SPAM marking issue and now have a greyed out Anti-Spam add-in. Initial tests appear to suggest that draft emails are no longer being marked as SPAM. So, it appears that when Anti-Spam is enabled (how it was enabled I don't know) that it incorrectly marks some 'clean' outgoing emails as SPAM. Many thanks, Sean
  9. Hi, Update... I've uninstalled and reinstalled KIS and have noticed that the Anti-Spam add-in option is now disabled but, if I click on Settings, Mail Anti-Virus is On. Is this the default? As I've always left these settings at default why would the previous KIS installation have enabled Anti-Spam as I assume this was the cause of my problem? Further testing will prove this. I've attached a screenshot of what my Anti-Spam\Mail AV settings are currently showing... Many thanks, Sean
  10. Hi, Can anyone help with this? Draft emails are being marked as SPAM despite KIS being configured to scan incoming emails only. If I fail to notice this and the email is sent the title includes the SPAM string which, for most recipients, means that the email goes straight into their SPAM folder. I'm using IMAP. Many thanks, Sean
  11. Hi, I've noticed that KIS is now marking emails in my Draft folder as !!SPAM in Outlook 2016. The email is sent but the title contains the !!SPAM string which is resulting in my contacts either not seeing the email at all or the email being moved instantly into their Spam folder. This has suddenly began to happen sometime in the last 2-3 weeks so what's making this happen? I've also noticed that Outlook 2016 no longer checks for email on opening. Is this linked to KIS? I'm using KIS (e) on Windows 10 Pro. Many thanks, Sean
  12. Berny, Will an update report indicate why KIS isn't automatically updating the databases and do I have to open a support ticket for this? many thanks, Sean
  13. Hi, I'm running KIS (d) on Windows 10 Pro and have an ongoing issue with the automatic update feature informing me that my databases are out of date and haven't been updated. Why doesn't auto update simply 'auto update' rather than informing me that I've not updated my KIS for some time? Many thanks, Sean
  14. /edit: add important quote: Hi, My KIS 2016 on Windows 10 is causing a BSOD with the following error when trying to install the latest driver for my Nvidia 970 graphics card (355.98-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql is the driver version). The message is: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA KLPD.SYS I've tried pausing the protection but the error persists. The installation process fails from within the GEForce Experience package and from a manual install. Any ideas? Many thanks, Sean edit: add quote of the workaround:
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