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  1. It's all set to allow. I turned off the storage bit and turned it back on. Now it seems to function fine :-). Thanks!
  2. I have had Kaspersky running for 2 years now and now I just got a warning that Kaspersky wants access to my SD card. But I don't know how to do that. When I click on the issue nothing happens. Does anyone know how to give Kaspersky access to my SD card?
  3. Hi, I am looking for a way to exclude a folder from Kaspersky's scan. I can't seem to find a way to do that. I wanto Kaspersky to leave that folder alone and not go near it in any way. Can it be done and if yes how would I go about it? Regards
  4. @Jen I just downloaded it :b_lol1: . I thought it couldn't hurt to at least do a scan with another program and this one seemed to be the favorite on cnet. @dh My signature here on the forum was out of date. Sorry about that. I have the latest KIS version installed.
  5. I just tried to start a piece of software that didn't need to be installed and could run as is. However it seems that it was infected because all of a sudden KIS started showing a bunch of warnings and now I am not sure what to do. I am running an additional scan (currently a vulnerabillity scan is running) but how can I be sure that KIS got all problems that were in the exe file? It obviously got some stuff although I am not sure what exactly all I can find out is that it was a trojan, but how can I be sure it got everything? Do I need to install additional software to scan for trojans and so on? I'd like to feel safe behind my PC and not worry that folks are using or hacking into my PC.
  6. Hmmm that is rather disappointing. I don' understand why they changed this at all but for the time being I suppose I'll have to live with it.
  7. I have now installed the latest KIS version and I now see that the gadget on the desktop has changed from the lovely round one into this, in my opinion, horrible sort of desktop computer one. Is there any way I can get the old round one back? I looked in the settings of the gadget but there was no little arrow to choose between gadget styles.
  8. I just don't like it. That's all:-). But I still would like to have an answer to my original question.
  9. I tried Thunderbird but I didn't like it. I really want to use Windows live Mail but I don't see any Kaspersky settings in WLM (neither in Thunderbird for that matter) as I see in Outlook Express
  10. Hello all, I am trying to find some information on the Kaspersky website which can tell me with what email clients KIS will work. I am currently still using Outlook Express on Windows XP and I have KIS transfer all spam messages to a folder I especially created abd named SPAM for this. KIS works great and moves all messages that it feels are spam into this folder in Outlook Express. However I am going to move over to Windows 7 soon and seeing as there is no Outlook Express for Windows 7 i thought I would give Windows Live Mail (NOT Windows Mail that's another porgram) a go. I also tried Thunderbird but I didn't like it. So will KIS work with WLM? Regards, Martin
  11. Hello all, Since I did a clean install of the latest Kaspersky Internet Security version 11 0 1 400 I can't import the pictures from my Canon Ixus 80IS compact camera using ACDSee, Adobe Bridge or even the software that came with the camera. Only a few pictures are imported when using ACDSee (the software that came with the camera won't work at all) and then stalls and hangs the program. I need to do a cold restart of my PC to get the PC working again. I now found out that I need to exit KIS and only then can I import my pictures to my PC. This didn't happen before but only now with the latest version. Why would this be? Kaspersky Internet Security 11 0 1 400 ACDSee Pro 3 0 475 Windows XP pro
  12. Thanks for the many replies folks. The one Darkness is talking about is the one I also bought. Damn shame there isn't a christmas special I could make use of. I don't live in the UK so that's out. Still 30% is not bad of course. But a special would be nice. Maybe in the coming days I have some time left:-). Regards, Martin
  13. Hello all, I have been using KIS (english version) for many many years now and have been fortunate to be able to always (at least as far as I can remember) buy a license during the holliday season at a discount price. I looked at the Kaspersky website but this time I don't see a special offer. I don't mind paying the full price (it's not THAT expensive) but some sort of special offer is always a nice present during this time of the year. Two years ago I bought two licenses at the price of one year licensing which would last two years. I looked for something similar now but didn't find any. Would anyone know if there is a special offer this year? Regards, Martin
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