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  1. Did you happen to find any resolution to the issue reported by "Blagoja.Kondratjuk ". Thanks.
  2. I am only running single task for single system, more over some of the systems tasks execute and return error after 6% and some of the systems task did not start.
  3. When i try to run update task from SC i got below error. " Unspecified error " & on some computers " General update error. Reason: connection error "
  4. Can you please tell me the issue. I am also facing the same issue on my servers.
  5. Dear Medvedev, Let me clarify things in detail. 1. First i configure reference computer to apply application control on the test group. It was working fine until i found that executable and condition category list are empty. I have followed every settings but it keep disappearing after 3 /4 days. Here comes the main problem, when reference computer executable / condition list got empty, the group i have applied the application control policy stop running the applications i have trusted in reference computer. In order to solve this problem i have added two more categories 1 is with folder and one is with application properties so that if reference computer have some issue then my testing group uses still able to run the applications. Now i have multiple uses who are using difference version of office , IE , Adobe so i need trust range of applications versions like ( office 2003 , 2007 2010 ) IE ( 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 ). My question is what is the method to allow above application with either range of versions or any version. Please note that i cannot use KL category as i just only want to allow MS office no other office applications as well as only IE browser and no other browser. Hope now you understand my question. Maqsood
  6. Yes the condition category is still disappearing, but i have also created a custom application category from file properties in case if reference computer have some problem then my clients still able to run set of trusted apps. For this reason i have added most of the application in custom application category with range of versions allowed as mention above. Maqsood.
  7. Dear Eremeev, Please find attached screen shot of application " IExplorer " i have added to allow , but one of my system reported the issue. IE Version Blocked event Event type: Application startup prohibited Object\File name: IEXPLORE.EXE Object\File version: 8.00.7601.18487 (win7sp1_gdr.140527-2255) Object\Application name: Windows® Internet Explorer Object\File path: c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe Object\Vendor: Microsoft Corporation Object\KL category: Browsers\Web Browsers Rule\Category: Default Deny Rule\Rule type: Not test Please tell me if any more screen shots required. Maqsood.
  8. Dear Nikolav, Can you please guide me what is the best method to allow installation / execution of some application with rang of versions. Like I want to allow adobe acrobat ( version from 6 - 11 ) is allowed to install and run, rest of the version blocked. 1. Do i need to add setups of all versions and executable files in the Folder " i have created folder base application category ". Maqsood.
  9. Dear Medvedev, Yes i have done all the steps mention in above course, but still after 2 to 3 days executable file lists disappear. Information about Installed application is checked in the parent Agent Policy. ( only one agent policy which at the top level ) Information about Installed and Started application is checked in the KES policy applied on the reference computer group. Inventory task is run daily at 6 am. Maqsood.
  10. Dear All, We have created a reference computer in order to implement Application Startup Control. I am facing a serious below problems. 1. Condition category in reference computer category keep disappearing randomly. 2. The executable files list of reference system also keep disappearing randomly. Kaspersky Security Center 10.2.434 KES 10 SP1 Maqsood
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