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  1. I ran on top of current version. It uninstalled old version and kept all my settings. Pretty easy...
  2. Wow...funny! I just ran the update manually...my database says 45 years. When I hover my mouse over the tray icon it says that the latest database is 1/8/15. Today is 1/18. Hoping to see program update soon. Update: Rebooted and it fixed itself
  3. There should be a prompt to create an account with Kaspersky. Once you register, the serial number is registered to your account.
  4. Same situation on my laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. For security purposes, you have to log in each time you either turn on or reboot. If you let too much time go by with no activity as well...PM can time out and you have to re-log in. I still use MS Internet Explorer, so when I open my browser, I can see a green icon at the top right below the tool menu. I don't have an icon in the notification area, other than Kaspersky AV running...So in short...what you see is normal.
  5. You have choices...one is to disable System Watcher altogether and let apps run correctly. This issue existed in v2013 and now 2014. I don't think the chances are very good that this will ever get resolved. I have totally lost faith in the product.
  6. I have already moved on. Many issues have NOT been resolved since release. Who has the time to sit around for weeks waiting?
  7. Tech support says that it is a bug in System Watcher. Told me to disable it. I did it and am at least able to burn DVD's about half the time, successfully...depending on brand of DVD's I use. Cheapo's seem to burn OK, but Mitsubishi Chemical and Taiyo Yuden fail...odd...they are supposed to be some of the best quality discs you can use. Try disabling System Watcher For some odd reason, after the last KIS 2013 update, it is the same issue. So both KIS 2013 and 2014 share the same issue. I hope, for everyone's sake, that the issue gets cleared up.
  8. Right there with you. Tried disabling url checking...nothing made it faster...one can hope for a patch
  9. Thank You... Find it very confusing. When 2013 was up to build G, everything worked fine. Build H stopped the burning process. Same with 2014. Basically, you initiate a new multisession disc...it burns lead in...and goes straight to lead out and the burn fails. If I exit KIS, the lead in...burn data...lead out...and complete! Hmmm!
  10. Restored the system. Reinstalled 2014. Uninstalled 2013 and kept all the settings. Odd that Nero writes lead in and lead out but doesn't write data to discs, while KIS is active. If I exit KIS, burns are fine. Seems to be my only caviat thus far. I am going to keep playing around. All of nero in exclusions and trusted apps. Also put C:\Username\Appdata\Local\Temp in exclusions, thinking that KIS won't allow Nero to write to temp directory...not the case. Wracking my brain trying to find another solution to the problem, other than disabling KIS when I want to do a burn. Imgburn works, Power2Go works, just not Nero. Oddest thing Don't know if this means anything...if I am running build G of 2013, I can burn with Nero. Once it is updated to build H, cannot burn. Some new development.
  11. Uninstalling 2014 a second time has totally messed up my system. No mouse and keyboard at all. I have to restore from a backup. I don't get this....improvements? I think not. Will restore, remove 2013 and start shopping a new product
  12. Reinstalled 2014 and my maximum burn speed with Nero (using 16X DVD) on my Pioneer 2208 is 2X. Not Good!
  13. Wow...would be nice...but now that I uninstalled 2014 and reinstalled 2013...burning with Nero FAILS every time. Sent you a PM
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