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  1. I am using KAV and received the MS update KB4056892 automatically about 2 hours ago and it updated with no problem. Windows 10 PRO 32 bit OS.
  2. I was able to enter my code and all is well. Never had to do that after an update.
  3. This AM when I started my computer KAV displayed a message that it was running in a limited mode and required me to enter my activation code and register at the web site. I see that update e is now installed so that update must have done something to require me to reactivate? I have about 9 months left on my current registration so it has not expired. I find this odd that it required me to activate the application all over.
  4. Getting same messages here using KAV 2018 in Win 10, Edge Browser-I'll be watching to see when this gets fixed.
  5. You didn't ask but....the web site displays correctly on my system-Win 10 Anniversary update (32 bit version).
  6. Support page says: "Kaspersky Lab does not support Microsoft Edge browser". Does that mean that KAV (2017) does not protect while using the Edge browser? Or are they saying that if there is a problem they won't help? Edge browser has been out for a year now-just curious why the statement is there and what it means to us in terms of protection.
  7. Just wondering why KAV does not enable ( by default) the setting under "settings/additional/threats and exclusions-"detect other software that can be used by criminals to damage your computer". Is there a performance hit on the system or other reasons to not enable this setting?
  8. Thought I'd give this another try as I've read that the (a) revision is available. But when I go the software upgrade page all I see is the .614 (abcd) version.
  9. Have some time today to uninstall KAV .614d and install KAV I've been waiting for an updated version that remedies the problem of FB not loading using the MS Edge browser.
  10. Sounds like the same problem that we are having with accessing Face Book pages with the latest version of KAV and MS Edge browser. Just a blank page loads so I had to uninstall latest version and reinstall .614(d) and am still waiting for them to provide an updated version of .1.445. . I've been told it will be a (a) update but there has been no notification of it as being available yet. Apparently they have tested the patch and it works but not publically available as an update yet.
  11. Any idea when this patch will be released so those of us waiting to install this newest version can do so? Will there be some kind of notification when it has been fixed?
  12. I uninstalled the older version and installed the new version, discovered the problem. Uninstalled the newer version and reinstalled the older one, then tried again the whole process and the problem still exists. Spent a lot of time doing this so until I read that the problem has been fixed I'm staying with the .614(d) version.
  13. After installing the new version of KAV ( when I go to any Facebook page only the top part of FB page loads, no graphics or text loads using the MS Edge browser. IE and Firefox work fine. After uninstalling KAV and reinstalling the previous version everything works fine.
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