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  1. Ok . So it's not visible in Windows 10.I just checked the connection properties and saw nothing in that section.There is no error regarding NDIS filter. Zhang Can you show me how to check it exists in Kernel Driver Layerr? (However it's not necessary.)
  2. I tried to install KIS 18 and after installing noticed there is no NDIS filter in connections.I tried to install it manually according this page: https://support.kaspersky.com/8596 It installs the NDIS filter but after installing not appears. Running windows 10 Pro x64. How to resolve?
  3. Hi guys.Does anyone know how to block programs access to Loopback( or in other word Localhost?I checked some ways but programs still can connect. for example thanks.
  4. Hi.I'm using cell phone to connect to internet on windows 7.After installing KIS2011 the Kaspersky NDIS Filter is installed for Lan Networks.But there is no such filter for my cell phone connection?In windows xp there was driver for all connection such as lan and dial up and cell phone connections..Does anyone know something about that?
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