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  1. Yes, I'm a noob with basically ZERO experience with PC's let alone security and the jargon which accompanies it, so in plain English I am respectfully requesting assistance. How do I get PWM to recognize when I need it to place a log-in name and the correct password when I need it to? And, isn't it supposed to ask me if I want to add a new login and password when I go to new web site that requires one? I've got PWM installed and, as far as I can tell, it does nothing for my being able to "Single click" to place my login name and password at ANY site where it may be required to do so. Like Amazon.com; I go to the login page expecting PWM to do something, but I end having to type in my login and Password as usual, PWM does nothing except add a "Master Password" at start up and slows me down further. I thought this PWM was supposed to speed the process up by actually managing my passwords and login info and put them in "with a single click"....or did I miss something? (I probably did, didn't I?) -Real wolves don't dress like sheep.
  2. A lil off topic but, how do you get PWM to "ask" if it wants to remember a password? I've installed PWM and it does nothing when I go to web site that require a password. I still end up typing it in as usual. Why did I need to lock up my passwords, if "'m still required to enter them in the password fields. On top of that, I need to unlock PWM at start up thus taking more time to do anything I need to do on my PC.....or did I miss something?
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