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  1. I had the problem on moonpig.com, trying to make a credit card purchase, which involved "verified by visa". I haven't tried other browsers, just Firefox
  2. I'm using kis 2015 with safe money enabled (Firefox & Windows 7) - works OK for banking, but the protected browser page comes up in the window for "verified by visa", and will not respond to either of the buttons for "use protected browser" or "use normal window". Looking at earlier posts I was able to complete my purchase after disabling safe money, and disabling "automatically activate application plugins in all browsers", with several restarts of the browser. I want to use safe money however - is there a way to make it work with "verified by visa"?, or is this a bug that Kaspersky needs to work on? It's been discussed for old versions - KIS 2013 & 2012, I think - did it get overlooked in 2015 as well, or is there something I'm doing wrong?
  3. I'm using safe money with KIS2015 (browser Firefox), and the browser keeps on asking if I want to save my passwords - even though I've turned this option off, as I prefer a different method of managing passwords. So I looked at the options settings when in the safe money protected browser, & it seems that none of my settings have been retained - they're all returned to default. So although my browser is set to never accept 3rd party cookies, the safe money browser is accepting and storing them. I prefer adobe to ask before activating, but safe money just lets its start regardless. Similarly, my settings about remembering history & forms are ignored, and my preferred search engine isn't even available. Is there a way to ensure that safe money keeps all personalised browser settings? If not, surely this should be mentioned in the manual and during setup?
  4. Thanks for the info. I've never had to use it, so I don't know. Long may this continue!
  5. Do I have to create a new kaspersky recue disk now I've installed kis2014; or would the disk I created with kis2013 work if I ever need it?
  6. safe money & firefox 15 crash as of this am - ebay, banking, etc - was OK yesterday. Anybody else?
  7. KIS 2013 seems to work fine on my computer, but the protected browser does have some flaws: 1. It changes my search engine to google, and I try to keep google out of my system wherever possible; 2. It reduces all the fonts to absolutely tiny (looks like 7pt in most cases). Is there a way I can change this behaviour?
  8. When KIS13 switches to safe money, all the font sizes reduce. I presume its loading the default fonts and not using my personal browser settings? Obviously I'd prefer to use my settings - maybe this could be included in an update?
  9. Yes, I tried out all the Kaspersky tools; and ticked the box to remove identity information whenever KIS2013 exits. Is this what you mean by Clear Page File at Shutdown? I went back & un-ticked the box when I noticed the shutdown problem, but the problem remains. [i googled Clear Page File at Shutdown & found a microsoft article to explain it - and I see that in my registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management, ClearPageFileAtShutdown has been added, with a value of 1. Could this have been done by KIS2013? Should I remove this line from the registry? Or is there a way for KIS2013 to fix it?]
  10. I updated to KIS2013 a couple of days ago - removing KIS2012 (apart from license activation data) as advised - easy & quick installation, everything seems to work fine including safe money; no noticeable performance hit on any programs; BUT: the computer does not shut down anymore. I didn't notice any problems for the first couple of shutdowns after KIS2013 installation; but now the computer just stays on, with the shutting down screen displayed. Yesterday I found it still running several hours after I'd hit the shut down button. Today I've unistalled & reinstalled KIS2013 - same problem; and startup seems delayed as well. Any ideas, please? [system info below] http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d250ea1eb6dfc08
  11. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9bb311dc1c823a1 Thanks - GSI report link attached above (sorry about the file attachment - I didn't read the instrucions carefully enough & I can't see how to remove it) GetSystemInfo_OFFICE_d_2011_12_09_10_32_45.zip
  12. Frame rate when playing skyrim (new best-seller game, but not especially resource-intensive) is about doubled when I turn KIS12 off completely (off-line, obviously). Is there any better way to reduce KIS12's resource use (I've already got Gaming Profile turned on) ? And is there any way to get KIS managers/programmers to address this issue?
  13. KIS2012 has just started showing: "Detected going to dangerous url: http://.tescobank.com/sss/auth" if I try to do some online banking at Tescos. But it is the actual -genuine- Tescos Banking site - anyone experiencing anything similar or got any ideas what this is about?
  14. Where can I find out more about this option - what it is; when its important to use it; and how much risk it would be to turn it off ? KAS says it takes considerable resources & my elderly computer might be a bit lacking these days ...........
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