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  1. You need make sure the small setting has been apply. On demand scan task setting's -- exclusions -- has been apply. For policy you can find it [on demand scan] -- [advanced] -- [additional] -- to lock [use general list of exclusions] [File] -- [advanced] -- [additional] -- to lock [use general list of exclusions] Also, you can check the group scan task has apply those settings. Hope it can help. best regards, Chandler
  2. Hi, I install SQL SP3 and Admin Kit, after that I upgrade SQL SP4. Everything is fine.
  3. I have a similar problem. I hope this can help you because I am still looking other solution to solve this kind of problem. In normal case, I find the KAVMM.exe should have two process. I guass one for real time protection another On-demand scan task.(if you have many kavmm.exe. It seems have many on-demand scan task running at same time.) This is my experience. Hope it can help you. When the KAV service begin work will start "Automatic scan on Kaspersky anti-virus startup", it will create one KAVMM to do it. Unfortunately, the startup scan task will incluad entire HardDisk, which usually cause the CPU 100% or slow down process, so I will turn this task stop and don't set schedule to start it. Also, I will set other on-demand scan task to exclude archives object(I only need it be scan by real-time file protection when the file be open) to decrease scan time and performace. If it isn't enough, I will also set restrictions to decrease more speed ( it will incresase some risk, but I hope the real-time file protection can detect the object when I accidenly use it). If you have install Kaspersky administration kit(Server), I will suggest to set the fileserver policy to apply all computers which I install kaspersky File server. In other case, The CPU 100% usage will happen other anti-virus software doesn't uninstall clear. This also will happen this problem. I hope someons can share their experience to manager Kaspersky Anti-virus for File Server to avoid this problem. best reguards, Chandler
  4. Dear All: I am sorry for my english. Our customer was using KAV for Domino 5.5.997 for 2 months. There's a problem occurred last week. The Mail Service was stopped and continued showed the error log below: KavDbScanner: File Snake FA.zip moving error. Error: You must supply the bulk decryption key in order to extract this file object. 2006/10/31 14:54:17 KavDbScanner: Error creating quarantine object. Error: File does not exist [05FC:0002-0B6C] 2006/10/31 16:13:06 KavReplMonitor: Error opening document 0x0000. Error: Invalid or nonexistent document 0604:0002-0F58] 2006/10/31 18:02:47 KavReplMonitor: Error opening document 0x2cfc2. Error: Document has been deleted What document are deleted? What’s happen with this error log? I try to start the Mail Service but it suddenly stopped in few minutes. When I stop the service “KavReplMonitor”. Everything is fine. Would you please help me to solve this problem? Thanks for your help!!
  5. There’s a problem of NetworkAgent. When I install Netagent in Win XP Japanese edition. I get the error message "Parameter with name "85" not exist.". Kaspersky Network Agent service can't start. I try to reinstall Network Agent but it's useless. Can somebody help me to solve this problem. sysinfo.rar
  6. Dear Sir, Does KAV for windows file server 5.077 support MS Windows 2003 Server R2 version? Does anyone has test it? Thanks.
  7. Thanks everyone. Yes, I think the problem is about using non-English OS. We use the chinese version. Could you share your experiences for fix it in the Japanese version? Thanks.
  8. Does anyone have same experiences about the AdminKit display doesn't correctly? For example(see attach picture), In the workstation policy, the addition option has setting about 'uninstall setting'. In normal case, this button appears under 'Notifications'. In my case, it is still in there, but I can't see. I only can see very tiny of this button and click on it. Then I can set 'uninstall password'. This is not only case. I have others example about it. I just wonder I am the only case or just somebody has same problem.
  9. I have a little question for full scan. I install KIS6.0 on the new pc with windows xp sp2. After that, I update database and do scan my computer. It takes about 30 mins. Then I do scan my computer again. It only takes only 1 mins. I think it can finish so quick because iSwift and ichecker. So, I do one more test. I just update av database then do scan my computer again. This time, it takes about 30 mins. Conclusion, I believe the iChecker and iSwift can improve scanning speed, but if we have updated the database then scanning speed trun to normal again. I'm not sure because I miss some settins or not. Just for sharing my experience.
  10. I am not sure what it is, but I just ignore it after couple hours the update works agains. I really don't know what cause it, but same above just leave it alone. The update task will countine couple hours later. I think it happen when other update task still running. I have not idea about it. Hope someone can fix it. I disable scan archive and SFX archive objects to fix it. I think the problem happen when KAV try to scan this object but some wrong, so exclude those objects.
  11. About KAV for File Server 5.072 Update error messages: (1)The task failed to execute due to the following error: Error while reloading the anti-virus database. Rollback process is initiated. (2)The task failed to execute due to the following error: Internal error 1197/0 "Operation failed because the timeout period expired" (3)The task failed to execute due to the following error: Internal error 1323/0 "Can't start component. Component without multiple running flag already started. Component name - 'Updater'" About Kav for File Server 5.072 Full scan task, which be created by AdminKit 5.01151 : (1)The task failed to execute due to the following error: Internal error 1081/0 "Cannot connect to the component instance 'Fileserver;OnDemandScanner;;z7fcvMVST+agNZMUfwHCB1 About General error/warning messages: (1)Event General operation error happened on computer KAVKEY in the domain WORKGROUP at Fri May 26 21:25:15 2006 Object E:\Eray\Toolsoftware\MSN-Messenger7.5\Install_MSN_Messenger.EXE - processing error. Those all messages came from same computer since the kav for file server installed. I get those messages very often. (not all of them but some) I can fix those problem, but sometime I can't. I want to know how to fix them for using correct way and the reason what they come so often. Also, I wonder how often you guys get some error messages and what it is. Just for sharing my experience. If I found the way to fix thme, I will share you again.
  12. Hi, You can use "setup.exe /s" then the installation will apply ss_install.xml settins. In this case, here will have problem. You can't run this like run as..."\\Server IP\SHARE\package\NetAgent\setup.exe /s". Thus, I use winRar to pack the whole files under networkagent folder into the self-excute archived file and set to auto excetue "setup.exe /s" after uncompress it. After then, you can excte it which you did before everywhere. Forgive me my poor english. hope this will help.
  13. HI, I think this is the small bug which I found or I misunderstand about it. In the console, I found I have some compter disconnect over three weeks in Network Domain. In the case, I remember the computer will be remove when it disconnect over 14 days. Thus, I wonder this function only work in Admin Group or I miss something. I'll test this later on Admin Group. If someone can share some experiences that will be great. P.S. I attach some pictures about this issue. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Mike, I have one idea about this sitution. Hope this can meet your requiement. I'm not good english writter, but I do my best. I assume you have four different subnets in this case. (1)Create five different group in admin kit. (2)One of five groups call master group, whihc include workstation provides update for each subnets. Then you can set copy update to share folder option on update configuration. To do this can use policy setting or config on each workstations. (3)Moving same subnet workstations to same group exclude update provider workstaions. Then create the policy to update from the workstation for each group. (update from http, ftp or shared folder...) (you can create one policy and copy it to other group and change the update source.) then each subnet can have different update location to update database. Sorry about my poor english. Hope this can work for you or give you some idea. best regards, Chandler
  15. Yes!! I solve this problem!! When I reference the following KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/177078/en-us everything is fine.
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