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  1. You're acting like it took them 5 years to fix it... You're right though, they fixed it. I'm using the modified version from Spybot Search & Destroy again.
  2. Update: The full scan finished and it didn't find anything. After letting Spybot Search & Destroy modify the hosts file once again, there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. Everything redirected to and no important update URLs or something similar were blocked by it. Kaspersky started to nag again though.
  3. I just had the same problem a few minutes ago after a rootkit search. Kaspersky disinfected the file and is now running a full search, without results so far. The hosts file was the one from Spybot Search & Destroy.
  4. Solid advice, but the tech support simply does not care. I contacted them over one month ago and still haven't received an answer. Does Kaspersky really not care about this issue? Are they unaware how vital Twitch.Tv is to the ever-growing Esports community? It's like they want to drive customers away.
  5. Das Problem besteht seit Anfang Januar und es gibt immer noch keine Lösung dafür. Langsam wird es lächerlich! Scheinbar will Kaspersky seine Kunden nicht mehr.
  6. The problem still isn't fixed. It's almost been 5 months now.
  7. It's almost been 5 months now and the problem still persists! It's getting ridiculous.
  8. Tons of threads on Twitch, Justin, Reddit, various esports sites, forums, chrome bug fix discussions, etc. led me to this conclusion. Seriously, knock yourself out and google for a while. You'll easily find up to 50 different threads. They all describe the exact problem and not a single suggestion on how to fix the problem seems to work for any of the users, except for disabling parts or all of Kaspersky. You really think all these people that have but one thing in common are all having hardware/software problems? Seems highly unlikely to me, when everyone of them suddenly stops to have any problems whatsoever when they disable Kaspersky. Even the Twitch/Justin TV tech guys have stated several times that it IS a Kaspersky problem. The problem only persists on Justin.TV / Twitch.TV and the button for reporting video problems isn't for the purpose of reporting that your browser is almost crashing, because Kaspersky is doing weird stuff to it. All other video stream sites work fine.
  9. Every Kaspersky user seems to suffer from this problem. When you google for the problem you'll see that it's been over a month now and there's still no fix in sight?!
  10. Same problem here and i just submitted a request. Judging from googling this problem and looking into all the threads, there seem to be a lot of users who have this problem. It's been over a month and still no fix in sight? People seem to be looking at alternatives to Kaspersky already and if there's no fix in the next few weeks i'll probably do the same .
  11. Hallo, ich habe heute meinen PC formatiert, komplett neu aufgesetzt und das erste mal Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 installiert. Als ich meine Lizenz aktiviert habe lief auch erstmal alles gut. Danach habe ich bemerkt, dass die Systemzeit völlig falsch eingestellt war und habe die Zeitzone und die aktuelle Zeit richtig eingestellt. Kurz darauf hat Kasperksy gemeckert, dass meine Lizenz nicht mehr aktiv und nicht mehr gültig ist?! Danach habe ich mehrmals versucht sie erneut zu aktivieren. Der Aktivierungsassistent lieferte auch nur OK's zurück und ganz am Ende wurde die korrekten verbleibenden 213 Tage angezeigt. Doch leider übernimmt Kasperksy es nicht. Ich hatte also immer noch keine aktive Lizenz. Also dachte ich mir ich lösche den alten Lizenzeintrag und aktiviere nochmal ganz von Anfang an. Also wieder den Aktivierungassistent angeworfen, meinen Aktivierungscode eingegeben, der Assistent sagte alles wäre i.O., aber Kaspersky übernimmt es wieder nicht! Danach habe ich erstmal eine 30 Tage Test Version aktiviert, denn so ganz ohne Schutz ist es ja auch nicht toll. Wenn ich jetzt den Aktivierungscode im Aktivierungsassistent eingebe ist es wieder das gleiche Spiel: Er liefert nur OK's zurück, sagt die Lizenz wurde aktiviert und alles ist toll, doch leider übernimmt Kasperksy es nicht!! Wie kann ich denn jetzt meine Lizenz wieder aktivieren?
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