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  1. So much for Forum Help. I posted this 4 months ago, and not one reply from Kaspersky to help diagnose the issue. Thanks... for nothing. :-(
  2. I have a Western Digital My World Book network drive. It has a 100Mb LAN connection. I also have 3 PC's each running Kaspersky Pure. Two of these PC's have successfully run a Backup using Kaspersky Pure to the Western Digital drive. The 3rd PC however receives this error when creating the storage on the Western Digital drive "Cannot create the storage. Access denied." I have used the same username/password as on the 2 PC's that work successfully. I am obviously doing something wrong, but cannot work out what. I can confirm that when I map a network drive to the Wester Digital drive, using the same username/password as supplied during the Backup, that I can create folders and files on this Networked drive. The only thing that appears not to work is this Backup. Any help, or diagnostics are welcomed.
  3. Looks like I have to perform "training" on the PURE Anti SPAM database. Thank you for the pointer.
  4. I am running Windows Vista, with Kaspersky Pure, and Microsoft Outlook. I have access to an email service that acts as a SPAM detector. This service sends me an email each day informing of the items that the SPAM filter has quarantined. This daily email is being caught in "Junk E-mail" despite the fact that I have marked the email sender address as Trusted. Now, I suspect it may be Kaspersky Pure, that is identifying this as potential spam. (it may also be an Outlook issue, so I'm investigating all avenues) So, can you advise if this could be the case? And if so, where can I prevent it happening? Regards
  5. Thank you Don, It is quite refreshing to get an honest reply, even though it is NOT what I wanted to hear. It would be interesting to know what is considered "enough users", as my reading of the WHS community see's it swelling in numbers with two burning issues. The first being a good Backup solution, the second being a good AV solution. Regards
  6. WHS is gaining popularity. I currently run Avast on mine (have done for the past two years), as it also manages the PC's around the home. Of late I've been a little dissapointed with Avast, and was recommended to investigate Kaspersky. Hence I'm here. Do you have a plan to produce a WHS version of Kaspersky? (if so what timeframe?) Will it only be the WHS, or will it include a package to distribute to PC's around the home?
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