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  1. You wrote: Reproduce start of one of the apps (DSR, DSRO, DSRT). What should I do in this case? I wrote:
  2. Please refer to link https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/OFyzLSht
  3. I start david.exe and david.exe always starts dsr.exe, drso.exe und dsrt.exe automatically. It's not possible to reproduce the issue in less than 60 seconds. Without KES 11 the specal function ("change sign rule") takes between 10 and 20 seconds, with KES 11 between 8 and 20 minutes.
  4. for new traces with PF5036 included please refer to https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s78my2lbmP0aiSGVagtl8lPNHgNJk6Lq
  5. I installed pf5036 but the problem still exists.
  6. Please refer to https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/jVyTL2En
  7. The German support wrote me, hat they can't find a ticket with but 2186212. (INC000009095034).
  8. I am so sorry. Today several WSUS patches are installed and now the issue exists with KES 11 too. I think the reason is KB4103731 for Windows 10 Version 173 (x64). For traces please refer to https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JqV6I6nGmR82aiFZSWePrbaFWAzL1VxS/view?usp=sharing With KB4103731 and without KES11 the issue disappeared.
  9. I wrote: We use KES This was a misunderstanding. The issue occures with KES 10 SP2 and with KES 11 everything is okay. You may close the topic.
  10. KES 11 renamed the file? On my hosts KES creates a copy of the file and normaly, when I close the office application, all tmp-files are deleted. Normally - not always. (Since
  11. What do you want to know. The Exe-File which was started or the special function which needs so much time?
  12. OBK

    Tasks not completed

    I have sometimes the same issue and the next day after a reboot of the hosts the task is finished and I don't know what happend.
  13. Third trial. Please refer to https://www.magentacloud.de/lnk/CTBZkuZ7
  14. It's really a little bit tricky. Is this the right order? - start xperf - start procmon - enable traces - restart KES service - reproduce the issue - stop traces - stop procmon - stop xperf - GSI report

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