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  1. "Poor little thing", usually girls have an eye on guys who are big and who is small.From your profile I thought you are male.Sorry I didn`t know you are something else Sorry I don`t debate with your kinds, its against my ideals.
  2. You could have simply just said "test it yourself" in your very first reply instead of a long lecture on what should I ask.By the way its you not me who is taking like a dictator not me. P.s.Please go ahead and ban me on this forum if you don`t want me here. Thanks.
  3. First of all I didn`t ask for an "absolute answer".I asked a question because I think thats why forums are out there.If people like me who are new to the cyberworld cannot ask questions on forums like this where would we go?If questions like these irritates experts like you what is the point of forums like this?Knowledgeable experts like yourselves can use something like Facebook to communicate with each other.
  4. Can certain Firefox security add-ons cause compatibility problems with KAV?
  5. I understand your point but even when running the program as administrator the UAC still pops and asks for administrators consent anyway so, what is the point in running the program as administrator?Furthermore why Kaspersky hasn`t mentioned this in their standard procedure for installing the program?
  6. Is it necessary to install KAV in Windows 7 by right clicking the set-up file and clicking run as administrator?
  7. Should KAV`s realtime protection be disabled when running an on demand scan with Malwarebytes?
  8. Should I disable Windows firewall while installing product updates?
  9. I am on Windows 7 home premium 64 bit and currently using KAV 2011.My question is being heavy a internet user,is KAV 2011 enough for me or should I get KIS?
  10. So what are the specific type of applications those should be closed before installation?
  11. For instance if I am installing KAV from a cd,I need to open my computer window to get access to my rom drive.My question is would I need to close my computer window after Kaspersky installation window shows up?
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