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  1. Version 8.0 : anti-virus update ok, but not anti-spam. Signature error verification ...
  2. Because I have the same error and in my case, I have no solution, I thought that I would continue this thread. Since a few days, I cannot update the anti-spam. I doubt it's a firewall issue, because nothing has been changed. What can I do ?
  3. Hello everyone, I manage a few servers for my clients and I have Kaspersky Security Center (v. 10.2.434) installed on them. I have configured them so that a report is sent at the beginning of every month. But as I have activated different type of reports (protection status report, viruses report, most infected computers reports, etc...) and for each clients, I receive dozen of emails (one email per report). My goal would be to merge these reports in while file, that I could then send to the client. I can't find any option where I could ask KSC to merge the reports ? Does it exist ? If not, what solution do you have ? How do you report the information to your clients ? Thank you in advance for your time .
  4. Hi Evgeny Sorry about that : Could you please clear me on one point : let's suppose that you use a wildcard to block all sender's address with "ticket" in it. But you want one exception : ticket@a.com shouldn't be blocked. If you add it in the whitelist, will it go through or will it be stuck by the black list ?
  5. Hi, We receive a lot of unsolicited emails from an address having the following syntax : *ticket*@*. Here is what I entered in Kaspersyk console : Doesn't work... we stil receive email from senders with "ticket" in their address. An example : ticketa91@blizoo.bg Would you have any suggestion how I could do this ? Thank you for your help.
  6. Hum, okay... and what now ? I downloaded the Security Console, installed SQL Express 2012, installed the Security Console, deployed a few endpoint, and only then discovered that I could manage a policy for endpoints. Should I reinstall KSC ?
  7. KSC 10.1.249 on a Windows 2012 R2 I'm not sure I understand your first question : it is the only link that seems not working. I am certainly not an expert in Kaspersky Anti-virus, but I have installed a few in the pass and I don't recall the need to install anything in particular for managing a policy for workstations. I can only think that something is missing...
  8. Hi everyone, This must be obvious but I can't find out why I cannot add a policy for Windows Workstations. When I click on the link : Nothing happens. If I click on "Create a policy", I only have the choice of adding a policy for the administration console or for the network agent. Why should I install ? Thank you for your help.
  9. 3 months later, issue still exists :-/ ! I just can't believe this from Kaspersky. I cannot transfer the PDC role (SBS 2011 - but I want to install it on a 2008 R2). Fresh installation... any ideas ?
  10. Thank you Dmitry for your input. How do I stop to monitor the port 8080 ?
  11. I confirm, enabling / disabling does no changes ! As soon as Kaspersky's Firewall is disabled, it works regardless of Windows Firewall.
  12. Verdura> Did you ever solved this ? I have the exact same problem... default policy settings : out of 9 computers, I can only ping two of them (meaning that the policy doesn't seem to be applied the same way everywhere :-/ ? If I disable the Kaspersky Firewall, ping request succeeds. Thank you for your help
  13. Thank you for helping me out. I wasn't aware, but with Kaspersky 8.0 for Windows Server, you have to install also the application plugin for the console, this wasn't the case with version 6.0 (no idea for version 7), so that's solved . I then found out that my policy was correcty applied (for example folder exclusions). But my icon is always there, and I really don't understand why ! I agree, this is really not important, but it's bugging me
  14. Hi everyone, I'm not a Kaspersky expert, but I have managed right to now to install my applications through the administration console and apply policies. Workstations policy work fine (KSC 10 and Endpont 10) but my server policy (created x times) doesn't seem to apply (actually, to be honest, I really don't know if it it working or not). The console says that the policy enforcement worked, but if I try to hide the icon in the system tray through the policy the icon will never disappear :-( Is it normal also that I cannot access "Open the Kaspersky Anti-virus Console" (it's grey out, when I right-click on the system tray icon) ? I didn't do anything special with my policy, it's the default configuration (except for the icon). Any ideas ?
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