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  1. Thanks. After I change the setting, full scan become quick than usual. Does it mean that Kis skip certain file? Am I still protected against any virus? One more thing, can I unchecked 'Perform Idle Scan' and 'Perform Regular Rootkit Scan' in General Setting? It because sometime it make my computer slow down.
  2. Hi I'm currently running KIS 2011 V (b.c.e.f). My problems is after I run full scan, at 50% Kis became freeze but the clock still working. I wait for 30 minute but it still the same, nothing changes. It seem Kis still not scan other file. Here I upload a few picture for your references. Please help. GetSystemInfo_SHARIRAZWAN_PC_Sharir_Azwan_2011_07_16_02_38_09.zip
  3. Reboot does not make any changes but uninstall 3 software above and reinstall KIS 2011 make it happen. Thank You so much. Problems Solve. :bravo:
  4. Thank for the quick reply. GetSystemInfo_SHARIRAZWAN_PC_Sharir_Azwan_2011_06_02_09_44_16.zip
  5. Hi, I'm using KIS 2011 My problem is I bought KIS 2011 on 27/5/2011 for 3 PC. The license is activated on the same day but it not on my computer since I have more than 14+ days left so I let my brother activate it first. But today when I got 14 days left, when I try to put new license and click NEXT button this application appear INITIALIZATION ERROR. So what should I do? I still have 2 user left after my brother activated it.
  6. I think when I buy license for 3 pc I can save my money because it cheap but in my situation I didn't get any profit but a suffer loss. Well nothing can be done. My friends need the Anti Virus and sure they will install it right after they buy it. I think I need to think about join them or buy separately. Thank you for your reply.
  7. So if I buy KIS 2011 for 3 PC and the other 2 person activate it in another pc before I reach 14 days, will it effect my activation days? Sorry I never buy KIS for 3 pc before and I just know it consist 1 cd.
  8. Hi. I'm using KIS 2011 and I still got 40 days left. I want to extend the days of activation by buying new license so what should I do if I want to make 40 days + 365 days = 405 day left ? If there any step please let me know. And 1 more thing, should I just wait the KIS license to expire and then put the new license?
  9. Thank You so much for reply The problems already solve because you just give me a hint. I turn IDM in application control to Trusted and IDM back to normal again. Thank you. :cb_punk:
  10. Hi. Recently I just update my Internet Download Manager (IDM). But after I update it to new version, it seem my IDM can't open anymore. I try scan my computer using KIS & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware(free edition) but there is no virus or malware found. Then I ran my other scanner that is Tuneup Utilities 2011 and Ccleaner just to find out if my computer system problems or not. But all the scan turn out ok with no problem. Next I ran windows system recovery and sfc /scannow, but it fail me. IDM still can't be open. This message alway appear on the screen "windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item" but I'm the administrator. So I pause KIS protection and reopen IDM and it work. My question is why KIS block the IDM, and can you help me make IDM work properly without need me to turn off KIS while open IDM? :icon20: GetSystemInfo_SHARIRAZWAN_PC_Sharir_Azwan_2011_04_08_23_01_53.zip
  11. hi, i just scan my KIS 11 if it work when i downloaded eicar.com virus..so after i downloaded the file it seem kis can detect it..next i try to download trojan simulator from this website http://www.misec.net/trojansimulator and extract the zip file..so then i install it n my computer operating system block..it say something like this (operation abort)...so i want to delete it but there only i file that i cant delete it..the file name is TSServ.exe so what should i do? for your information i already run kis 11 full scan n update it database,i also run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware full scan n update it but nothing was detected...
  12. i try to do that but i still cant do it.. please show me the step.. fyi im not good with computer..
  13. i know how to do that..yours is okay but not mine..problems solve..i reinstall it and install my old kis that is kis 2010..now i can update any file on my computer without need to turn off kis..
  14. i use kis 2011 im not sure if kis block it..coz after i install kis 2010, my autoplay is not function.. then i upgrade it to 2011, my firefox cant be updated.. since then i need to pause protection,so i can update it..
  15. hi.. my firefox 3.6.3 cant be updated..when i update it through firefox, the message will show this 'update xml file malformed (200)'... help please..
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