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  1. Mozilla Firefox will soon block the injection of DLLs by antivirus applications and other third-party programs in an effort to improve stability, security, and privacy. Mozilla follows Google which started to block third-party code injections in Google Chrom in 2018. Google discovered that Chrome installations with third-party DLL injection crashed 15% more than Chrome installations without.
  2. For heaven's sake, just use the portable version. Windows never was fit to properly support installed software anyway.
  3. I am using SUMo and KAV 2019 and there is no false positive or any other flagging of SUMo.
  4. I use 10+ torrent sites and never did I get a Kaspersky ( d) alert. I relay more on Chrome alerts about malicious sites and HitmanPro Alert for keeping my browser and apps.
  5. I have KAV on Windows 10 1803 and never have seen this Defender message. Installing KAV disables Defender automatically. Uninstall KAV 18, reboot, install KAV 19.
  6. You NEVER install 2 Real time anti virus programs. They conflict with each other. You may use 1 installed and 1 on demand for second opinion.
  7. I don't agree with this. Kaspersky can not, nor anyone else (except the 5+9 Eyes countries - NSA...) scan data on encrypted connections, unless, Kaspersky is hi-jacking the private encryption keys, decrypting the data and then encrypting, which if true is a HUGE security and privacy risk. I am running Kaspersky with disabled 'encrypted connections' and 'script injection'.

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