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  1. Didnt think this would have been a difficult question. Anyone????
  2. I have KIS 2010. I am trying to access content that is secure possibly encrypted. Therefore how could I open up ports in KIS 2010? Or how could I add a web address to allow all outbound activity? And how could I check KIS2010 logs to see which ports are being denied (incase I have the wrong ports). As soon as I turn off KIS everything works….. Thanks
  3. Ive got the same problem..... started today (25 January 2010).....ive been thinking theres a virus on the system. Hope this update is prompt and quick.
  4. I have Kaspersky Internet protection (AV, firewall, spam detector etc etc). Some files that i dont want to have scanned are going a bit wild :cb_punk: that is they take forever to scan extensions such as ECT, HXD, (Encarta and MSDN help files). I would like them to be excluded from being scanned. How can this be done please? Also im thinking of getting work to have Kapsersky as they main AV, spam detector etc. Is it possible to control thses versions from a server? and if posible could this admin side of things be installed on our server side by side with our current AV just to see how kaspersky works in terms of managing client version from the server (so the server is only doing admins side of things for kaspersky but not having kaspersky AV on it) Hope this makes sense Thanks
  5. Hello - Thanks for that makes some sense. Is it not possible to have Stealth mode on but only allow certain IP addresses to connect to my PC? Im using MS default RDP connection but having the port changed to something different. Thanks
  6. I did that but it didnt work!! when turning off kaspersky it works - i guess all i want is for an outside PC to communicate with my PC. So for example if i wanted to control my desktop remotely how would i perform that? as ill be able to use this as an example. thanks
  7. I have Kaspesky Internet security installed version 6. I want to allow an IP address to connect to my PC using my PCs local port 4423. How do i configure to do that as i read the help file carried out the instructions but i must have done something wrong as it didnt work. Thanks
  8. Just curious to know but would this be given as an upgrade to allow me to use my activation key on WV. As i think my key only allows me to use it on one PC but i dont want to spend money again to get my current copy to work on WV. Thanks
  9. Im just wondering if KIS 6.0.303 would install on Winodws Vista beta 2 if not would it iinstall on Windows Vista premium once offically released? thanks
  10. I guess i can get rid of spybot, adware and windows defender - would you agree?? thanks again for your help lucianbara
  11. Thanks. Im trialing this as a package and really like K6. Just curious but does it scan adware/spyware etc. As im giving zone alarm the kick as this is a lot faster on my system too :-)
  12. Does Kapsersky 6 (trial version) that is currently downlaodable from kaspersky include a firewall?
  13. No it wasnt qurantined - i checked Avast and it was definately deleted
  14. Yes i know it happended all of a sudden. When i saw it saying "virus detected do you wish to delete" my immediate reaction was "yes".
  15. There was a problem on a PC where zone alarm kept reporting someone has attempted to intrude and therefore it has blocked it. Over the weeks this number increased so we ran a full upto date version of Kaspersky. Nothing was found and the intruding number continued to increase. At this time we tried Avast for home edition which was free and updated it after running a scan it reported 2 viruses!! the intruder counter on zone alarm has now stopped. How come Kaspersky didnt see this? ive always had faith in Kaspersky products but this has dented it and wondered if theres a reaosnable explanation please? Unfortunately the virus is deleted as you can imagine so coudlnt send it to Kaspersky for inspection Thanks
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