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  1. If anyone experience sudden KIS problem - let check .NET update to 4.7. This update causes a lot problems. In my case - KIS stoped working in Win 7 home laptop. Gray tray icon, not loading . Win 7 pro desktop not affected. It seems to be user specific . Remove this update or system restore did the trick. There are many posts with this problem and it should be someķind "important news". Not spending hours of removing and reinstalling Kaspersky and wonder what is wrong. I read all posts from beginning and accidentally find solution.
  2. It is already fixed. This is second time KIS not detecting obvious fishing. IE11 and WINDOWS live mail does the job but chrome was not safe. Kaspersky staff should be more carefull.
  3. Hi ! This _http://update-your-account-informations-service-customer.fazzil.com/account/service/pp/customer/login/0bc685cc61e6efd3ff4d1754417d0cc5/ is not detected as fishing by KIS !
  4. Hi! Windows 7 pro 64 bit SP1 KIS 2016 latest and updated Safe money works in IE 11 but not in Chrome Add on Kaspersky protection is installed and enabled, url advisor and virtual keyboard works but not safe money Chrome freezes trying to open protected browser window. This happens when open web sites via safe money app and via browser. All works in IE 11. Chrome is updated. Reinstalled add on but no change.
  5. Hi ! PC with WIN XP and installed KIS 2016 / host PC / - can not access shared folders on host PC from other computers on local network . Host PC access shared files and folders on other computers / WIN XP too/with no problem . Problem is solved only with uninstall - dissabling firewall or all KIS not working ! On host PC in My Network Places can not access shared files on same pc too ! Shared printer on host PC works fine !
  6. Hi ! Every time when tablet is switched off and then on i recieved SMS to my phone and email that SIM card is changed and tablet is locked- but thats not true . Also it sends SMS to phone number in Russia to send me email with "new" number . For me is enough to send SMS to my phone / but when it is needed not false alarm/ ! Will it be disabled when remove mail adress in SIM watch settings ? May be when tablet starts initiali Kaspersky treated it with no sim and then consider sim card as new and send messeges - but it is not correct ! Why there is no option when tablet is blocked by KIS, Kaspersky to turn on GPS . Many people keep it off to save battery - me too !
  7. I switched web protection from advanced to normal mode - till now no problems . Will be in touch !
  8. Yes ! And web protection is ON ! I use paid version!
  9. Hi ! I have KIS installed on Nexus 7 2013 Lollipop and resently proxy settings for WIFI changes automatically from none to manual and websites become unaccessible . I do not have Adblock . When i changed to none after while / i do not noticed pattern / they changed to manual . Is the problem in Kaspersky settings ?
  10. Thats what i am saying ! On Google play store there is no Kaspersky for android - only corporate version and i am asking why? I mantioned Bulgaria - maybe location is important ? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kms.free this link does not work for me! From tablet i can not find kaspersky for android too on Google play- only corporate version and i ask why? Link to Google play on Kaspersky site does not work too http://www.kaspersky.com/android-security !!!
  11. We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server. Cant access from tablet or PC ! Bulgaria is location ! Only this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...m.kaspersky.kes !
  12. Why KIS for android is missing from Google play store ? How to install it ?
  13. After 10 calm days since last exactly same problem my KIS 2013 goes crazy again!!!!!!! 50% CPU use , rootkit scan 99% freeze. This is shame.....
  14. After 10 calm days since last exactly same problem my KIS 2013 goes crazy again!!!!!!! 50% CPU use , rootkit scan 99% freeze. This is shame.....
  15. Hi!I use KIS 2013 and since today avp.exe uses 99% of cpu and my pc and laptop are unusable!!!!On both PC and LAPTOP KIS 2013 do not work corect.I run on both WIN XP SP3 with turned off windows update.Till this afternoon they work OK.But after KIS update I suppose they broke down.When I dissable KIS it stops but not exactly - in device manager avp.exe uses 100% and option for enable again KIS protection is not valid.Exit KIS does not help too.When I restart PC whith disabled KIS all is allright and when enable it BOOM!!!!And this is for my two computers - the same. And I can not kill avp.exe in device manager - access is denyed!
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