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  1. I confirm the existence of this problem. When we perform an update of KAS (d) from local repository prepared by KUU (Retlanslator), an error message appears - there is no module required to update: "KISCFG". - but, when we perform an update of KAV 17.0(d) directly from Kaspersky servers there is no problem with mentioned "KISCFG" module. BR Tomek
  2. ... You are absolutely right! It's works. I did not give [updater] a chance. Indeed - there is no need for manual edition of [updater.xml] - in fact [updater] do it by yourself - but what is important - first of all - one should perform update of [updater] itself. ./uu-console.sh -u -c BTW there is no mention about above '-c' in help. In addition - in Your [updater.ini] there are two more (undocumented?) options compared to oryginal [updater.ini]: - DownloadPatches=true - ReturnCodeDesc=All_files_are_up-to-date These options do not have the original [updater.ini]. Moreover [updater] perform update of [updater.xml] that is stored in directory [bases], not this one from the root directory of [updater]. BR & thx again!
  3. ...really thanks for these DETAILED info! I will check this again.
  4. ...as I said before - right here - I use Updater without GUI: [updateutility_lin_en_3.1.0-25.tar.gz]. and when I started them first time without selecting any of Kaspersky Product, did not appear new Kaspersky 16.* enrolment in [updater.ini] nor [updater.xml] after that. Another words, there appeared no new entry in mentioned files - did not make any update of supported product list. So, please attach Your [updater.ini] and [updater.xml]. thx & BR
  5. ...so - generally, not exactly. When you use Updater there is a posibility to update antivirus databases but not applicatio modules in version 16.* of Kaspersky applications (KAV/KIS 2016). But, if You want to update application module also, then is it necessary to edit [updater.xml] - like: <element> <name>KasperskyAntiVirus_16_0</name> <version>16.0.[0.614, 1.445]</version> <component>SUPD;APD;APU;BB;BLST2;CORE;HIPS2;KAV16;KDB;EMU;ARK;VLNS;QSCAN;KSN;PARCTL;SCO; SSA;SW2;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;WA;WMUF</component> <tree>index/u1313g.xml</tree> <App>KAV 16.0.*.*</App> <Arch>i386</Arch> <SysArch>i386;x64</SysArch> </element> I use Updater for Linunx without GUI - and it works OK for me with KAV/KIS 16.* Anyway - one would expect official support from Kaspersky! BR!
  6. Similarly in my case - on Win7 Prof 64 bit KIS (ab) does not start up Firefox 3.6 in the Sandbox mode (Safe run in Kasp. nomenclature). FF crash with message as follow: Description of the problem: Problem Event Name: BEX Apps namei: FIREFOX.EXE Apps version: Timestamp Apps: 4b5102f0 Operating System Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1045 AND: Please let me know when can we expect an increase in the degree of compatibility Sandbox mode in 64-bit systems. Best regards Tomek
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