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  1. AFAIH there is no backward compatability from 5.0.409 to 5.0.1104. use old version. save certificate, install new version import certificate and set up everything else... p.s. i'm not responsible for word i said. *g*
  2. Well. I have the same issue. After week you will se that suddenly it has real time protection failure again. upgrading to 5.0.522 even doesn't resolv problem. i have this issue on win2000 and win98.
  3. I was damn sick of that too. BUT now I'am quite happy. You have to understand, that there is no connection to network agent even if you see workstation added in group screen. The problem IS: a) ssl certificate is wrong admin kit server name in agent installation is incorrect. When you configure your installation, make sure you specify IP address, not dns/netbiosns name (even if kav reccomends that). You can be sure for succesfull connection from network agent to admin kit, if you find in c:\progra~1\kasper~1\networkagent\klserver.cer file. Than you would be abble to manage that workstation throught adminkit.
  4. I am writing specific reporting script with php. With what query it would be possible to get adminkit version out of database? Is that written somewhere in database? Thanks John DW
  5. You don't get it! in report appears `host ip adress` not `connection ip`. They may differ becouse of netbios fuckup.
  6. I have the same issue and need the same feature!!!
  7. I have local kav updates repository, I have configured lftp to mirror from kav ftp. Works for 3.x 4.x and 5.x versions: cd /ftp && /usr/local/bin/lftp -e \ 'o hftp://ftp.antivirus.lv && mirror \ --delete-first --no-symlinks \ -x "^|/" -i "(^|/)(index/|bases/($|(av/($|avc/($|i386/))))|AutoPatches/|updates/)" \ --verbose && quit'
  8. http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/412330 ough. kav ppl tells, that there is signatures based patch that doesnt scan wrong cabs.
  9. Common, don't make it more complex. if thats would be possible it would be realy ugly!
  10. install dedicated web server, and php/asp whatever scripts, which takes data from mssql and generates reports. in scripts workin authentication of whetever sort you want. thats not the kav admin's job. why to make it more complex?
  11. I have strange ms office behavior after .225 installation. Word opens very slow, if opens. Upgrading to office2000 seems to fix problem, or disabling kav network agent. anyway, this isn't fully tested.
  12. Thanks! aw plugin-info version didnt changed, but now im able to specify trusted process.
  13. I have version: 5.0.0409 Aplication version: 5.0.409.0 created:19.04.2005 Where is newer plugins? Didn't find in http://www.kaspersky.com/productupdates?chapter=146274756
  14. That's good feature, but How can i configure it with administartion kit in policy? It seems that now it is only configurable on clients kav 5.0.225? So, should I wait for newer adminkit or agent version?
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