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  1. No mention of the feature that I saw and no way to unselect it from Beta 2. Any information on what it is doing?
  2. Bump for the fact that now that MR3 is out, the update set will grow WAY beyond what could be considered acceptable
  3. With the inclusion of MR2 in multiple languages inside the definitions, the size has ballooned to extreme levels that may get to the point when it will be too much for HTTP to handle when zipping these up for transport. Is there some way to trim down the size? Can we please get an option to maybe reduce the number of languages being supported so that I don't have 20 copies of the patch when I might only need 1?
  4. So, the Anti-APT is a separate client/product than the standard software like KES or KIS. Is that correct?
  5. My question is really for you to answer. Does any of the consumer or Business anti-malware products use Yara signatures? If so, can we get that capability exposed to show what definitions or products have this built in?
  6. Yara mentions that "Kaspersky" uses it. In what way? Is it in a particular product and we aren't made aware of? Yara Github
  7. I just noticed this as an option. Can you point me to information on how this is being done? Is this an extension of Device Control?
  8. Is this a patch to current KES10SP1 like MR1 or a new build of the client & server application?
  9. You have answered all my questions, thank you.
  10. Ok. That makes sense. I thought the MR1 release would be like KAV 6 ( being a brand new build.
  11. However, the installer file is exactly the same as non-MR1 which means the installer hasn't changed. Does that mean MR1 is not a new release of KES? How is MR1 applied? Via hotpatch in definitions?
  12. It somewhat shows that it was "released" on Jun 15th, but the build number and the MD5 hash from SP1 version hasn't changed. SP1MR1 KB article
  13. Looks like there might be some server maintenance. I was mostly looking for KB article access on KES/KSC10 & maybe a link to the product lifecycle/EOL page. There were some questions on how long KES10 would be supporting XP. Edit: To answer one of the above questions, I am in the US/Pennsylvania. I tried via corporate connection, ATT smart phone & Comcast connection at home. All utilizing different network paths and DNS servers.
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