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  1. Is anyone else seeing the following false positives after upgrading to patch f? I'm trying to figure out what process (exe) is causing this but it just says "PID 0" which is "System Idle Process" on Windows machines. This started happening on random machines after patch f was installed. Although, I am glad that patch f fixes the bug with admin kit reporting old alerts!
  2. The self defense option only protects Kaspersky from being modified by malware. It doesn't protect other parts of the registry that are non-Kaspersky related.
  3. We have received the same sort of reply from Kaspersky support. Although that explains the random false positives we received last week. It still doesn't explain the Outlook issue. I don't understand how that has anything to do with Outlook crashing? We have tried turning Proactive Defense off without any luck regarding the crashes. I don't think they even know what the problem is.
  4. Oh yeah, if that's what he meant it's definitely not possible to install Kaspersky on the actual Astaro box. I thought he meant running both in the same environment which is possible.
  5. We still get the problem after running the above script or manually registering/un-registering the dll. (Windows XP, Outlook 2007)
  6. We are getting random Outlook crashes and a bunch of false positives as described above since installing patch D. I too am curious on a status update regarding this issue? Also the fix above did not solve the problem for us using Outlook 2007.
  7. Can you clarify what you mean by "compatible"? For example are you referring to Astaro's built in anti-virus? I use Astaro and Kaspersky for Business. We don't have them in the same environment but I don't see why they wouldn't be compatible? Astaro is mainly network security. It operates on a totally different level then Kaspersky.
  8. According to Kaspersky's twitter account: Direct Link: http://twitter.com/#!/kaspersky/status/27835780616
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