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  1. A BIG thanks to Gjoksi!!!!


    I did the …….

    Settings -> Additional -> Network

    "add the website to Exclusions in "Manage exclusions" section"

    That way I still scan other sites.

    Flavio, I run KIS 2018 as I have all kinds of jerky scrolling, slowness, hangs, etc.  on certain sites with KIS 2019 with the most recent update, went back to 2018 and zero problems and it is fast



  2. 14 hours ago, i n d i o said:

    @petrusca : Excellent description on - How to avoid Auto download of new klab versions  

    Well with the lower performance of KIS - : We have different opinions for

    some users this version works ok - Others report speed, Updates and connections

    issues : Try this Kis 2018  configuration on the 2019 ver. Might help to improve

    its performance - Link :  https://support.kaspersky.com/13923

    I have tried those settings and still KIS 2019 hangs quite often.  Yes the KIS 2019 speed is slower but that is not the pain.  The pain is that it hangs clicking through forum posts, Ebay listings, etc.  I need to reboot to get back to using Windows again.  KIS 2018 has zero problems for me.

  3. Every time KIS 2019 upgrade installs I then have a sluggish Windows 10 system, random hangs surfing sites with IE11, random hangs reading forum posts, hangs in Ebay scrolling through searches, etc. Extremely annoying!

    Am I missing some setting in KIS 2019 that is causing all these issues?

    KIS 2018 runs flawlessly, I don't even think about it being there,  as have all other previous version of KIS that I have used.

    I have uninstalled KIS 2019, reinstalled KIS 2018 and I'm very happy again.

    My question is how do I prevent KIS 2018 being auto-updated to KIS 2019?  I wish to just use KIS 2018 at this point in time.

    EDIT:       OK I found where to turn upgrades off.

    To turn Auto-Upgrade to the newest version ON or OFF, go to Settings -> Additional -> Update Settings,

    then in the "New application versions" section choose between these 2 options:

    Download and install new versions automatically - The new version of the application is downloaded automatically. Your confirmation is required to install the new version of the application. This option is selected by default.

    Do not download new versions automatically and do not notify me when new versions are available - Kaspersky Internet Security does not automatically download the new version of the application and does not notify you of its availability. When you become aware of release of a new application version, you can download and install it on your own.


    Again, any suggestions why KIS 2019 won't run with ease, as the previous versions of KIS do?

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