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  1. Hi: "Myth" might be a bit strong? While not strictly necessary, it's always been a "best practice" on the Windows platform, since updating the OS (or reverting to a system restore point) can break the metadata and other features of security programs and create other corruption. MS even recommended the practice, especially during the free Win10 Upgrade period. I've seen the issues many times here at KL forums over the years and at other security/computer communities. But that is Windows... I personally experienced a problem with a previous KIS-Mobile version on a previous Android phone upgrade that never could be resolved. I was never able to run or reinstall it on that phone and had to switch to a different mobile security product. "Once burned, twice shy." Perhaps they have improved things since then. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it. MM
  2. Hi: Is is advisable to temporarily uninstall KIS-Mobile ( from my ~2 year-old, stable DROID Turbo before upgrading from Android L to Android M? My carrier is offering the Lollipop -> Marshmallow upgrade. I have been postponing it for a few days in order to prepare. On my Windows PCs, I would normally uninstall KIS before doing any major OS upgrade (such as Win10 1511 to Win10 1607). I would reinstall clean after the upgrade. I assume this would be a good idea on my Android phone? TIA, MM
  3. Hi: That is positively bizarre. It may be what KL wants, but I cannot imagine that it is what "customers want". Whether Snagit, Screenpresso, other 3rd-party applications, or even the native Windows snipping tool, the ability to take screen shots is a "must have" feature. I, too, use Snagit every day for work and personal activities. Of my 3 systems, 2 currently run KIS 2016. One is Win7/Ult/64-bit, with Snagit 12; I have a paid license for v13 but probably will not bother to upgrade it. If KIS2017 will not work with Snagit 12 or Snagit 13, then I will have to postpone updating to KIS2017 until this is fixed, or look for another security solution. The other is Win10/Pro/64-bit with Snagit 13. There is no issue with KIS2016. But, again, if KIS2017 is incompatible with Snagit13, then I will either need to postpone updating to KIS2017 until this is fixed, or look for another security solution. After all these years with KIS, that would be a terrible shame. But I must have screen capture capability on all my computers. So I hope that Techsmith and KL will resolve the problem quickly. Thanks for reporting this and for posting follow-up. Please do update us on the status of your report. Thanks, MM
  4. Hi: How did you contact Kaspersky? Did you open a ticket at Tech Support HERE? If you have not received email notification of a reply, I would check your spam/junk folders, to be sure it did not land there by mistake. I would share your Techsmith Case # with KL and vice versa, as well as all the technical details, screen shots, diagnostic logs, etc.. If there is a bonafide compatibility issue between the 2 programs, the Tech Support folks at the companies will need to work together to resolve it. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to be able to resolve it here in this mostly user-to-user forum. >>Just out of curiosity, what Kaspersky product do you have (KAV, KIS or KTS)? >> What version (2016 or 2017)? Please keep us posted. Thanks, MM
  5. Hi: This does not directly help your issue, but Snagit 12 runs just fine with KIS under Win7 Ultimate. I have Snagit 13 with KIS on my Win10 box -- no issues. But as a longtime Snagit user, I prefer the GUI/UI/UX & features of version 12 anyway. So, I have not yet upgraded my 2 Win7 boxes to Snagit 13. Having said that, I suggest opening a ticket with Techsmith Tech Support, if you have not done so. I have always found them to be very responsive and helpful. The rare bugs I've reported over the years have been fixed quickly. I would also open a ticket with KL support, and I would share with them your interactions with Techsmith. If the two companies collaborate, the issue may be resolved more quickly. Until then, you might want to revert to Snagit 12. (Theoretically, it can be installed side-by-side with Snagit 13. But I usually have only 1 version installed on my systems.) Please keep us posted, MM
  6. Hi: I think we might be going around in circles and perhaps conflating different Malwarebytes products? AFAIK There are no known compatibility issues between MBAM and KL products. (At least there are no reports of this either here or at Malwarebytes forum.) AFAIK There is no reason not to run MBAM Premium as an extra layer, if one wishes to do so. (I hope that remains the case once MB3 goes to public release.) There *is* an issue with certain 64-bit browsers, the current version of MBAE, and KAV/KIS/KTS. (I can confirm no issues on my systems with KIS+MBAM Premium+MBAE Premium). The devs have identified the problem and are working to fix it. All those backup, manual, on-demand scanners are fine for a second-opinion. But they will only help to detect and remove malware that made it past KAV/KIS onto the system. They do not help to prevent infection. I have no dog in the fight. So I fully understand your decision to run what works best for you on your system. As we all know, KAV/KIS/KTS provide very robust protection, so I think we are all in good hands. EOD for me. Cheers, MM
  7. {For the record, I presume that Windows 10 has not been 110% perfect from Day 1? If it has been, then you might be the only person to be so lucky. :b_lol1: } My point is only that no OS or software program can be 100% perfect on 100% of computers 100% of the time. If you have issues, then an efficient way to get those issues resolved is generally to report them in a suitable venue (such as the vendor's own forum or help desk). That's the only way the developers and QA team can help. Otherwise, yep, every user is always free to uninstall any program he/she finds unsuitable. {I guess we're all stuck with having to run some sort of Operating System, though... :b_lol1: } Cheers, MM
  8. Hi: It's not really a question of anyone getting their act together. As mentioned by a Malwarebytes forum expert: A recent KL update brought back an old conflict/compatibility issue with MBAE and 64-bit browsers on systems running KIS/KAV. But the devs have identified it and are working to resolve it. That's all one can expect. Having said that, I have run KIS with MBAM Premium + MBAE Premium on multiple platforms and devices without issue, for several years. A layered approach to security makes sense to me with today's threat landscape. I cannot speak for HMPA, but I know that the Malwarebytes developers work hard to ensure compatibility to permit just such a layered, complementary approach. And having said that, it remains to be seen what will happen with the new product, MB3. I sincerely hope that users will not be forced to choose between two excellent security software brands. Cheers, MM
  9. From another perspective, the anti-exploit protection offered by most AVs (including KAV/KIS) is far less comprehensive than that offered by the more specialized products, such as MBAE and HMPA. I've been running MBAE Premium with KIS under both Win7 and Win10 since MBAE was first released, with no issues. In this day and age, I prefer not to rely on a single security program to do it all and to do it all well. A layered approach makes sense to me. I cannot speak for HMPA, but I know that the devs at Malwarebytes have worked hard over the years to make their products compatible with the popular AVs, to permit such a "complementary" approach. Having said that, each computer user must decide what works best for his/her system and computing needs, recognizing that the most critical security component is the one between the chair and keyboard. Cheers, MM
  10. Hi: Yes, thanks for that update. That new issue, however, pertains to MBAE (Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit), not to MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware). And it is a new issue that was not a factor when this thread was originally started. Having said that, the situation will likely become increasingly complicated and confusing, since Malwarebytes now includes MBAE (and MBARW-beta) in the BETA version of their next generation product. The new version, vaguely named "Malwarebytes 3", is being marketed BOTH as an "AV replacement" (though not as an AV or Security Suite or Internet Security Suite) AND as some sort of MBAM-on-steroids, all-in-one anti-everything that can still run alongside a third-party AV. It's hard to see how it can be both, but perhaps the company knows something they cannot tell us. Information and response to inquiries about the new product's real capabilities, shortcomings, compatibility (or lack thereof) have been thus far rather vague. I guess it remains to be seen what MB3 does (and does not do) and whether KL and other 3rd-party AVs will continue to support running the new product alongside as a complementary anti-malware layer. I hope that continues to be the case. But the new issue you report pertains only to the standalone version of MBAE and to a recent update to KIS/KAV 2017, not to the current, release version of MBAM. I still run KIS 2016 on 2 of my systems that also still run both MBAM Premium and MBAE Premium. And from this post, it is clear that efforts are underway to resolve the MBAE - KIS/KAV2017 issue: Once MB3 ships, I hope we are not forced to choose between KIS and "MB3", or to seek other alternatives. Until then, I have no plans to drop tried-and-true KIS to replace it with a new, BETA product whose capabilities have not yet been fully documented. Cheers, MM
  11. Hi: Folks trying to assist you with your issues, especially the BSOD problem, are not in front of your computer. So it's impossible to help without a bit of basic system information. The GSI reports are posted in the forum by 1000s of folks. The information will assist @richbuff and the other forum helpers with fixing your issues. If you are not comfortable posting the GSI report link here in the forum, then (as @richbuff suggested in your other thread) I suggest following the steps in THIS POST to open a support ticket, submitting to them the information @richbuff requested. Otherwise, there's not much anyone can do to help. And there's likewise not much point in creating multiple forum threads, since we do not know enough about the system and its problems to be able to provide meaningful advice. We would be happy to try to help (as would the folks at Support), but we need you to help us to help you. Thank you, MM
  12. Hi, again: Is this the same computer as the one here: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=356385 If so, I suggest following the very expert advice from @richbuff here to contact tech support: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=2622329 Doing so will help to get you prompt support with less confusion than might be a problem working on the same issue in multiple different forum threads. Thank you, MM
  13. Hi: Unless a forum mod and/or KL staff member has a better idea, tech support is probably your best bet: https://center.kaspersky.com/ Thank you again, MM
  14. Just right-click on the link and select "open link in new tab". No need to download anything, at least for me. Having said all that, I do not work for KL and I certainly have no control over what builds they release on which localized download sites. As you are a computer tech, perhaps it might be advisable to open a ticket with Tech Support, so that they can assist you with your specialized needs? (This forum focuses primarily on home users running KL products on their own, personal computers.) I'm sorry I could not resolve your issue. Take care, MM
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