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  1. I like Kaspersky Mobile Security. Since I have Kaspersky products on my Macs and PCs, I wanted to keep everything consistent when I got my android phone and chose Kaspersky to protect it as well. I would like to see some sort of firewall added into the android phone/tablet security from Kaspersky. Another component I would like to see is a website/page built for users who lose/misplace their phone to visit the site to remotely mark it as lost instead of having to use another number/another device. One centralized place for managing all your devices would be great!
  2. Thank you. After doing the upgrade, everything is working in order.
  3. The phone is a Pantech Crossover from AT&T and is running android version 2.2.1 My previous phone was an LG from Virgin Mobile (Sprint) running android version 2.2.2.
  4. I recently switched phone providers and had to buy a new android. On my previous android, I had KMS installed and after getting my new one, I reinstalled KMS on it after uninstalling it off my old android. I have a phone number on my iPod touch which is how I have my Kaspersky setup on my phone to receive remote commands to lock, locate, wipe, etc. Ever since I added KMS on my new phone and I send the command to locate the device, I get a message back on my iPod after 5 minutes or so saying "Kaspersky Mobile Security: device coordinates not detected". I have tried and tried and this is one feature that does not want to work properly. Although my phone is not lost (thank goodness), I want to make sure this stuff works in the event of an unexpected tragedy. I am using the new KMS agent that was released a short time ago so it is up-to-date in definitions in that aspect as well as the app being current. How can this issue be fixed? Thank you.
  5. I keep getting a message from time to time from Kaspersky saying that it does not have enough rights for file operation during updates. Why is this happening and how can it be fixed? Restarts usually help but is there an easier way?
  6. Glad to see it will be fixed in the next version of PURE as I am currently using Thunderbird. Will the anti-spam toolbar be visible and useable in Thunderbird (like MS Outlook)?
  7. I have been having A LOT of problems with PURE's anti-spam in Outlook 2010. It is constantly making Outlook freeze when using the program, marking mail as spam/not spam and interacting with mail. Someone suggested deactivating the anti-spam but to me that would be a waste since it is part of the program and I want to use that. Are there any "quick fixes" or a fix for this? :dash1:
  8. Here is the report: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d09416153f261df
  9. I am not using the VMware program. I am using the program supplied by Microsoft to use XP Mode side by side my Win7 OS. I have loaded other antivirus products on the XP mode and they all work fine. Kaspersky PURE is the only one that gives me problems. There is no other AV installed on it. What is/how do I post a GSI report?
  10. I recently upgraded my PC from Win7 Home Premium to Ultimate. I added XP Mode to my machine. I attempted to put Kaspersky PURE on it but after installation when Kaspersky shows up in the notification area, it says the databases are obsolete and after that the whole virtual machine freezes. It never comes back to life and I always have to force it to shut down and restart it to get back in. I have not been able to get Kaspersky PURE updated yet on the virtual machine since putting it on there (which was today). :angry: Someone help! Is there a solution?????????
  11. That's all I needed to know! Thank you.
  12. I have a question about Kaspersky Rescue Disk: I am a go-to person when it comes to people calling me with computer problems. I run a variety of different programs to diagnose the machine to see if there is malware on the machine. Should I JUST run KRD when I get calls when the person thinks they have a virus or is KRD for machines that are so severely infected that they won't startup normally?
  13. I was just wondering exactly how Proactive Defense works in KAV/KIS.
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