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  1. Is there any update or resolution on the issues discussed in this Topic. Cloud as a product is unworkable with workspaces residing on s011.
  2. Relates to post on forum with subject "

    Kaspersky Endpoint SecurityCloud - Publish Distribution packages


    Issue of not being able publish a new distribution package for a new version of Windows workstation . Publish never completes.  want to create new download in the portal.

    Details requested:  donna@tttbt.com.au
    ID: 0b66c385-33e4-4c10-b4ca-6f6c62aac076
    Tatiara Truck & Trailers Pty Ltd


    Versions in use    
    Build version: 3.0.101
    UI build version:


    Devices set during workspace creation - cannot tell you that as it was 8 months ago.
    We set up 1 device initially and added devices after this was tested.
    It has 14 devices now and has a license for 35 nodes

    1. gygo3122


      Any update on this issue - Need to update workstation firmware through new distribution package

    2. gygo3122


      Any update on this issue - Urgent need to update workstation firmware through new distribution package

  3. Here are the details of the Kaspersky Lab support page from the client portal - I have not posted the personal client information
  4. Here is the address line I assume you mean this "https://s071.cloud.kaspersky.com:8080/#/distributives" And below is a pic pre-Publish attempt and then an image post-Publish showing the attempt trying to complete. Have left this to complete for some hours - and still does not complete. I have tried this on a NEW trial KES cloud and worked fine - but not on this existing client portal
  5. Easy thing to do is create a generic user. Call it "Generic". Apply a Security profile to this user. Then you add each of your devices to this ONE user. So a user can have many associated devices. These devices will then inherit the Security profile of this user "Generic". In this way you can have many devices operating under the security Profile of the one user. How do you do this :- Go to the devices menu. Select a device and then add the desired user to this device. And repeat this process for each device you have . The only issue I found was that you can only select one device at a time. So you have to select, click, and then add user for each individual device. Just download the Distribution package to a network shared folder and then install the Kaspersky firmware from this one folder.
  6. With Kaspersky Cloud portal - I am trying to Publish a new version release and create a new distribution package for download The Kaspersky Cloud portal is build and within "Distribution packages" there is now new distribution package to publish Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows ( When the Publish button is clicked, and the Terms are accepted, the portal states it is "Publishing a new security software distribution package ". But it never finishes to allow a DOWNLOAD. Why?
  7. I just created a new user with the Security Profile you want OR an existing user with the Security profile you want and then allocate the device to that user. The policy will be applied to that device
  8. Just thought I should add more info. The issue applies to WSEE on both 2003 and 2008 servers and it is not just 64 bit, it is on 32 bit servers as well . Does not seem to impact any workstations even if they update from the same database from the same admin kit. So it would appear to be a server only issue. Typical symptoms are 1. the appearance of two kavfswp in task manager consuming huge cpu resources, 25% to 50% of cpu ,they eventually individually crash and then restart building up use of cpu resources again. 2. Kaspersky lan event viewer log has System audit events occurring with the "unhandled exception occurred" errors . You can disable the kaspersky itself - or disable the kaspersky lab Services - this is just to create more cpu resource to allow your servers to run freely. Dangerous , but not much choice. Trying to rollback to a previous database is unlikely to work since it ,too, has the corruption. The best way is to take the link noted above in this forum and download a database list from last friday , but this will take a considerable time as it is a) large and slow. We hope that kaspersky ( who are very aware of the issue) will offer a new update that will just automatically clean up the issue . Well I hope so. This is not just a few isolated servers. This is impacting thousands of servers dramatically impairing their performance. Hope it comes soon.
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