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  1. Hello All, i have one Master KSC & some Slave KSC . The Slave server Recive Update From Master administration Server . in this case , i have some problem : 1- Master KSC and Slave server should be same version . 2- in Master ksc network and slave ksc network , i used KES 10.3 & 10.2.6 but Slave server just update KES 10.3 and it cant update KES 10.2.6 .( i have 2 update task for KES 10.3. & KES 10.2.6 And policy for each version ) 3- i have two server ( one App server & another Database server ) And in this servers, i installed KES 10.3 but always i saw App server detected attacks from Database server . i know these servers sent a lot of packet to eachother for sycronizatin Data but why KES say this is Attacks And How can i define exclusion for this relationship ? Best Regards ,
  2. Hi All , I use KSC 10.4.x & Kes 10.3 . and I need disable License exporting in ksc . I configure it in user account form in ksc setting but it doesn't work . please say me how can I do it ? br,
  3. Protection off Problem

    Hi, which log files are you need And where are these files in my Linux Device ? Br,
  4. Protection off Problem

    Hi , When i want to start this Task , i see , its inactive . but i dont know , why does it protection off , when it recived License !!! Br,
  5. Protection off Problem

    ksc 10.4.343 ; yes , I used force sync & refresh . Also I created policy for kes Linux & update task and policy applied but update task didn't work .
  6. Protection off Problem

    Hello , KES 10 for Linux & Linux centos 6.7 ( kernel ver : 2.6.32-573.el6.x86 )
  7. Hello All, i install KES 10 for Linux on centos 6.8 and after that , i run configuration file . and i install Network agent for Linux & run configuration file . Now in my KSC , i can see this machaine icon and it recived License file but i see protection off , Please say me , How can I solve it ? Br,
  8. Hello All , I upgrade my KES to KES 10.3.x SP2 but I cant find where can I set password for stopping Removable Drive Scan . And all users can stop Removable Drive Scan . I cant find any thing in policy setting , Please Say me How can I Solve this problem ? Br
  9. KSC Report Title [In progress]

    Why ? for solving this problem , I install ksc 10.3 and set my company Name in report title , after that I upgrade that to ksc 10.4 . Thank you.
  10. Hello All, I use ksc 10.4.343 and i want change ksc report title but in this version ,i cant find where i can change this Report title . Please say me where can i do that ? Br
  11. https://ufile.io/ca5zz
  12. Hi All , i upgrade my ksc to ksc 10.4.343 . but in this process it cant install plugin for kes 10 sp2 and message to me for installing manually . without kes sp2 plug in , i cant create kes policy . i install this plug in manually but i see fetal error . Also i remove all kes package in ksc but i cant remove this plug in . 1- please say me , How can i solve it ? 2- How can i change client name color in managed computer ? beacuse in this version it changed automatically .
  13. Hello, we are suggesting to add a report for network usage on client in ksc report. most of the time , we need know , which application use network traffic in our network( client and servers) and how much traffic does it use per day or hour . Br,
  14. Hello, we are suggesting to add a report for network usage on client in ksc report. most of the time , we need know , which application use network traffic in our network( client and servers) and how much traffic does ita use per day or hour . Br,
  15. Hi all, I use ksc sp2 and kes Mr3 . 2 day ago I renew my license and add it to ksc for renewing but some of client after receiving this license , write license is blocked . this client problem after restarting solved but I have some client working single and there isn't any communication with ksc . after i add key file in this client , just write key file is blocked and I can't renew this client Antivirus. please say me how can I solve it ?