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  1. Hi guys, I have a user who somehow has blocked his USB modem via kaspersky, it's seeing it as a infected dialer. I want to be able to change it back but when I go to the settings they are greyed out. Any idea what I need to do to get control back? I tried running kaspersky as the admin and also tried logging into the PC as the domain administrator but still the settings are greyed out. Sean
  2. Thanks for the information IztokK. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case but oh well. Sean
  3. Hello Everyone, At our office we run Kaspersky administration kit 8.0.2163 and Windows workstations MP4 ( The administration kit runs on windows 2008 r2 and the workstations are windows 7 ultimate. I have a couple of new windows 8 machines and I am unable to remotely push out the client. The error I get is as follows; Remote installation failed on the computer. The user cancelled the installation. I have run all window updates, turned the windows firewall off and still no joy. The machine is on my desk so it's not as if there is anyone doing anything on the machine. Does anyone have any ideas? Sean
  4. Hi Everyone, I've noticed that once a workstation has been rebooted, or left off over night, some of them have Kaspersky de-activated. But, if you leave it for a while Kaspersky will start up and function fine, although not for all machines. I've also noticed on my servers that the offending update, KB2823324, is un-ticked in the list of available updates. Hope this is of help to someone. Sean
  5. Hi everyone, Now that we know what the problem is, is it going to be a Microsoft fix or a Kaspersky fix? Sean :dash1:
  6. Hey wicked. I did that and found that it didn't work for my PC. On the other hand I have found out that two other machines who's license was due to expire have been update. I'll have to watch the other PC's to see what happens. I appreciate your assistance. Sean
  7. Thank you both for your replies. Maher, when you say that I can push the license out to the workstations from the server, how? I haven't been able to find the place in the management solution where I add the new licenses to push out to the PC's. Thanks, Sean
  8. Hello, We have a corporate copy of Kaspersky, version 8.0.2163. We are now getting workstations who's licenses are due to expire. We have bought the new licenses and can update the workstations manually. What I would like to know is can I push out the license keys from our server instead of doing it manually for each machine? Thanks, Sean
  9. Hi guys, Thanks you very much for your assistance. :-)
  10. This is what I see when I go to repositories/license screen.
  11. Hi Maher, We have 85 Licenses all of which are now used. We are rolling out new PC to people so I am unable to install Kaspersky on the new machines as I do not have any licenses available. There are a number of old machines in different states that have Kaspersky on them. Instead of having them sent to me to uninstall Kaspersky while on the network and thereby reclaiming the licenses, I would like to be able to recover the licenses from the server side. Is this possible?
  12. Hi everyone, I am trying to find a way to reclaim licenses that are on old machines. Basically this is the issue. I'm upgrading peoples machines here at work. There old machines have Kaspersky on them and so that means a license is being used. I have now reached my license maximum so I am unable to install Kaspersky on the new machines. My question is; Is there a way to reclaim the licenses on the old machines without having to connect them all up to the net work and uninstall Kaspersky? Hope someone can help. Sean Edit: Just to note I am running the following version, Administration Kit 8.0.2090 Management console 3.0 V6.1(Build 7600)
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