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  1. I'm getting frustrated with Kaspersky support as well. Once it goes to their Escalation team, it might as well be going to Russia. Oh. wait.. it IS going to russia. 3 days to get a response of "Did you try this?" when I clearly stated I had already tried it. This was upgrading from version 6 to version 10. (We tried version 8 when it came out and it did not go well. I should have known to not try version 10). sigh. and now I see they're pushing that the product does MDM, and OS deployment, and a slew of other stuff. If I can't trust it to work right as an antivirus program, how do you expect me to trust it as an OS Deployment solution?!? Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. The last time we got a new key, they blacklisted our original key without warning. We had setup the new key as 'deploy automatically', but I had to go have it wipe out the old key completely before it would stop bugging our users about their blacklisted / illegal software. Something to watch out for. (This was about 2 years ago, but when I talked to our rep about renewal, they confirmed this is still the practice)
  3. This doesn't really help. It says it's supported for the version I'm trying to upgrade from, but then says I'll get the window I'm getting, and that issue will be fixed in 'critical fix 1'. When is that coming out? It also links to another known problem if you try and install it from KES - the interactive window thing. This also has no actual fix, other than "don't use this method". ??
  4. I've confirmed if they cancel the wizard they do not indeed have ANY virus protection running on the machine. EICAR test file won't get flagged, and you can't right click and say scan exe. If you push KES10 on the top of version 6 (or I'm assuming version 8 like the others in the thread have reported), you'll get the configuration wizard pretty much every time. You'll also get an annoying "You need to reboot" type of message no matter how you push KES 10 to the machine (I tried doing it through the Admin Kit, and various batch file / msi / setup installations). So my solution for my workstations (assuming KES 10 doesn't blow up as spectacularly as KES 8 did for us), is to remove KAV 6 as the users log out, and then force a restart. At next login, my users will get KES 10 installed (and no forced reboot as it doesn't seem to need it). But that may not work for all environments. Kaspersky support told me to use the "do not protect installation" checkmark, and that didn't help. Still waiting for another response from their support on this. Definitely less than impressed with their support for the installation routine on this. (and after you remove kav 6, you need a reboot - you can't then try the install of kes 10, it'll just fail).. :dash1:
  5. I'm having the same issue - upgrading from version 6 to 10. Even completely removing the old version doesn't help. I tried "Do not protect the install" as they recommended with no luck. I have a ticket open with support now and will post any solution they come up with here. (Also poking around the registry / file settings now to see if it's a simple reg fix)
  6. Is there any way to push the removal of Endpoint Security 8 on my clients connected to my Security Center server? We've decided we want to go back to version 6. The only way I'm finding to remove it is a batch file, then a reboot, then a reinstall of version 6. Just wondering if there is an easier way.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Kaspersky support suggested the same thing - we had already signed the file before trying to install it. Kaspersky advised that they don't support Lotus 8.5 on Server 2008 R2 yet. However, we have not had any luck getting it installed on 2 other servers. I did manage to get it installed on a server, but then mail almost immediately stopped being processed. This is similar to the problem we had when we last tried installing about a year or so ago. We could get it installed, but then it would bring mail processing to a crawl. (This was on a weekend, btw, so there wasn't really a whole lot of mail being processed). Kaspersky support for Lotus Notes is basically non-existent. I have to reply to the email that the technician sends me, then he gets in touch with the "engineer" that can actually answer my question. When I called them, they said they'd have to get in touch with the engineer and call me back. It's all a moot point now, as when we renewed, we dropped down a product level and no longer are licensed for Lotus Notes / Email protection (We have several other things scanning all of our mail, it would just have been nice to have one more layer of security).
  8. I don't know if it's a working solution, but I noticed that since upgrading to Security Center (from Administration Kit) - Under Network Agent Policy there is now an option "Download Updates through Update Agents only". I believe you'd have to be on the newer version of the network agent (9) for this to work properly. I haven't had a chance to do any real testing with it. I have noticed some of our stations are still downloading from the Admin kit, but I haven't pushed out the new network agent yet across our organization.
  9. Many of my users reported today they were getting a warning box saying their License file had been blacklisted. We had recently purchased an "early renewal" subscription, but had not yet deployed it to all of our clients. With no warning (our old key was not supposed to expire until late February 2012) our old key was added to the black list. So today has been a scramble of pushing out our new key to all the clients. It is still trying to connect to some of the clients after several hours, and most of the tasks to push out a new license don't give me much in the options for scheduling. (I can't tell this to run every morning at 4 am, for example, like I'm able to if I want to push out a new version of Network Agent). Also, for my home users that are not on our network but have the corporate version installed, we're having to send them the key file along with instructions on how to manually point to it. Some of our users can handle this, but others .. can't, so it's generating calls to our help desk, and they're helping them walk through the routine. So, I've expressed my opinion to Kaspersky support, and thought I would express my opinion here, and see if anyone else had ran into this, and if anyone else is still seeing machines that simply won't pull a new license file down like they're supposed to. For what it's worth, once i get our new key file on a machine, I'm basically unable to revert it to the old one for more than a minute or two. Even removing the active license on a workstation only lasts a couple of minutes before it gets the new file (except in those rare cases). Thanks for letting me vent.
  10. I tried installing Kaspersky for Domino 8.5 last week. I originally got an error when trying to open up the installation database of.. "KAVUILOADINSTALLER Error: 4000 Notes error: Error validating user's agent execution access #:Line: 86" I hit ok, and things seemed okay after that. When doing the initial install (I closed the database and re-opened after getting that error, it did not seem to come back), the original installation screen said "Unknown" for both the Server Data Directory, and the Server Installation Directory. Even though it said unknown, I was able to select the correct groups for the security settings, and install Kaspersky. However, after the install, I am unable to do anything with kaspersky - it has no statistics, etc. If I go into the license section, I can't add a license. I think the underlying problem is there is no 'kavcontrol' task listed under server tasks. I have restarted the Domino server with no luck. I have removed kaspersky for domino, restarted the server, reinstalled (Got it to accept the key file during the install), restarted the server, and still the results are the same. I have confirmed I have rights to do the install. Subsequent installs did not have the problem with the server directory showing as "Unknown" - it did indeed have the correct folder names. I have tried installing to a different server. I get the initial error as described (KAVUILOADERROR). This installation seems to be stuck, however - it is past the point of 'creating environment variables', but will not get past 'creating databases'. Restarting the server has not helped. Any time I open the installation database file, it is still showing as if it is trying to install. I am trying to install kav8.0.0.73_lotusen.nsf Our server is running at least 8.5.2, if not 8.5.3 (I'll have to check with my other Lotus Administrator) I have a call in to Kaspersky, but have not heard back from them yet.
  11. It removes all previous versions of the agent first. I found with 8.0.2134 that just running the msi installer will fail - it will not upgrade a previous version for some reason. (It will do this just fine interactively if you use the setup.exe, but I wanted my batch files to be completely automated). I do have a deployment job in Admin kit that does the upgrade as well. This was just kind of a "catch-all" line that made absolutely sure the machine is up to date.
  12. Strangeness - I logged into my machine this morning, and Kaspersky Administration kit is connecting just fine to the server machine now. I guess I didn't accidentally/automatically remove the network agent. Good to know I can't shoot myself in the foot with that particular method, anyway - just odd that it wouldn't let me talk to the server shortly after I ran the batch file that was 'supposed' to automatically uninstall network agent. (Modifying all my batch files now so they won't ever run on the server machine, just in case...)
  13. Can't get to the Admin kit at this point - If I launch the Administration Kit, it just tells me it can't talk to the server (localhost) - can't talk to it from my normal workstation either. It was a stupid mistake, running my batch file that removes Network Agent, then reinstalls it.. but why, oh why, did it let it uninstall it in the first place..? When i do the regular install / setup.exe - it's not failing because it's already installed, it's failing because it detects that I have the Admin Kit installed on the machine. One of those catch 22's.
  14. Can you resintall the Network Agent for the Admin kit without doing a total reinstall? Running 8.0.2134 - one of my batch files removed just the Network Agent from the server running Admin kit. surprise - admin kit no longer works. When I try to reinstall just the network agent - it says No. When I try and reinstall Admin kit (hoping I could just run the installer and it wouldn't break 400 things) - it gets to 'upgrading database' - again tells me no. Am I hosed? Last time I tried upgrading the admin kit I had to blow it away.. then blow all traces of it away.. then go look for anything resembling kaspersky on the server and blow it away. and then after 4 attempts to install the admin kit, it finally installed. (and it only worked that 4th time because it knew I was on the phone with Kaspersky support) I really don't want to go through all that again..
  15. Something I do about once every couple of weeks is go into computer selection / not connected for a long time, and delete most of these machines. It frees up the license the machine was taking up (Usually these are the machines we've rebuilt, so they've already taken up a new license with the new name). If I delete a machine that has just been off for a while, it will automatically regain it's license the next time it's fired up and connects to the administration server. (I mention this as it's not always an option to remove Kaspersky from our machines before we re-image them).
  16. I ended up fixing the issue by clearing out my "%appdata%\microsoft\mmc\cs admin kit" file. i've seen this file get corrupted before and cause issues. This has the side effect of resetting all my views, etc.. (but did not remove my custom tools - yay). To clarify, I was only getting this error from my desktop machine, which was connecting via Administration Console to the actual server. I didn't have the problem if I used Remote Desktop to connect to the administration server, and then ran the admin console from there (which is partly why I figured clearing out the mmc file might fix it).
  17. Using Administration Kit 8.0.2090 Host OS - Windows XP SP3 I'm getting an error when going to "Event and computer Selections", "Events", "Critical Events". First it tells me it's writing a dmp file (113 meg!?) - then it gives me Unhandled Exception Exception Access violation occured at address 0x66AF3D0C on thread 0x0000103C in process 5596 while accessing address 0x0000000000 for read. Runs fine from Administration Kit on the actual server. Just upgraded to 8.0.2090 from 8.0.2048 recently. Everything else seems to work fine. Thoughts / suggestions?
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