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  1. Please, learn to read. Reinstalled the ndis driver, and decided to attack the one thing that has been a problem in Firefox 3.0. thats right, the virtual keyboard that crashed it not so long ago. Suffice to say. the issue is no longer present, when the virtual keyboard is not loaded, and Fx releases memory, as it should, rather then holds onto it. Whizard, if you can't reproduce it, then you aren't doing it right. that or you don't even realise the issue is an issue because you have large amounts of ram and think that 300mbs with one tab open is normal usage....
  2. I'll bump the Fx bug form i made to get the devs to get back to you, i don't have the tools on hand to compile a debug build to replicate the second error, and Its likely a leak caused by KIS's jscript filtering, since Fx is built using mostly scripting. Needless to say, the problem is still very much existant since i setup a new 2GB test system, and its only fixed by going back to build 454 and removing the NDIS filter, or even further, back to KIS7.
  3. Update Tried the latest release version, and removal of the ndis driver no longer fixes the problem, Notably, a new problem has been found @ https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454693
  4. Sorry, i forgot to mention that i used a clean profile and reproduced the same behavior, so its definitely not pipelining. I updated the firefox bug report i made on this matter, with the new information i have and the dev's may get in contact with Kaspersky about the problem. Oh, before i do forget, i never had this problem with the Kaspersky 7 ndis filter. its new to 2009.
  5. Too late, NDIS is already disabled, and the problem is no longer present. Also, the firewall still works fine and webav only ever worked properly on IE anyway. For the same problem to occur on 2 different setups, 2 different OS's, the problem is not going to be in the Sysinfo. I suggest getting in contact with Firefox Developers, clearly theres a conflict between the 2 softwares when the ndis filter is enabled.
  6. Well i installed Kaspersky 2009 for kicks on a computer i pretty much format regularly (last one was about 3 weeks ago when the HDD decided to cark it) Right off the bat, i didn't notice any issues, it wasn't until i felt the computer getting sluggish that i opened up Task manager and noticed Firefox was using 800MB's of system memory, and 1.4GB's for pagefile. Firstly i assumed it was just a bug in the latest nightly, however I quickly spotted exactly the same issue on a laptop running Vista, the laptop having 2GB's of memory, so i was quite.. well shocked to see Firefox eating up over 1.4GB's of memory, with no more tabs open then i normally use (infact i had less open). Quickly i ran both systems through some Scenario testing using Tabbed folders, and sessions that i knew were perfectly fine, only. I ran the test by opening and loading all the tabs, then using the close all tabs feature of tabmix plus. What i saw was a drop of about 4MB's. Yes, thats 4MB's, from a bunch of tabs that when opened eats 230MB-250MB.. For testings sake i then copied the same profile and tabs to a fresh windows install with no kaspersky, Amazed to find that i had regained my normal memory usage. The first and easiest thing to come to mind to get rid of is the Kasersky NDIS driver, so i uninstalled it on both the Vista laptop and XP install, To find that Firefox now unloads 40-50MB's on XP and 60-80MB on Vista when all tabs are closed, back within normal firefox usage.
  7. I just plugged in a 1GB ussb stick, and it loaded perfectly fine. Uninstalling the USB controller might be the best fix as this usually fixes usb driver issues.
  8. This is a problem that occurs with pre SP1 versions of Vista, and is usually fixed by updating the Network adapters drivers.
  9. some problems aren't actually Kaspersky, but in a net function in SP2. SP3 fixes this with the NCInstallQueue process It is a runonce process that occurs every startup before network functions are established Name: NCInstallQueue Command line: rundll32 netman.dll,ProcessQueue
  10. In device manager, are there any yellow triangle exclamation symbols on network devices?
  11. use "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2009\avp.exe hidden scan", instead of "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2009\avp.exe"
  12. I saw this problem when i updated from 6 to 7. Use the Removal tool and remove kaspersky thoroughly then perform the install again.
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