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  1. I had to have my Dell computer moved from my basement to bedroom due to me having back surgery. I have Linksys Wireless system set up in my house. My family has desktops through out the and they work fine. I had a Tech Bring my system brought upstairs for me. He instailled the Linksys Wireless-G PCI Card WMP54G Network adapter into my system, it did not work. He told me I needed a stronger wireless card so he order a new one. It's been over a week now still waiting for him to come back with this new card and install in into my computer. I been running scans on my system but I can not run a line update. I do not use the computer. what risk is there to my system by not running a LIVE UPDATE. Is my system at risk. I'm still waitin for this guy to come with this new part. If this does not work I guess he will have to hard wire main line to my compurter. Should I be CONCERNED!!!
  2. Thnaks I will check that out! I mailed my out paper work so I hope that they received it. But thank you for you help.
  3. I purchased Kaspersky from Staples. It had a mail in $30 rebate. Is there any way I can track it on line since it was a mail in rebate and not a online purchase. I made copies of all my forms but I want to make sure that everything is OK?
  4. Spam Filtering Enebled. I just want to make sure that I am receiving e-mails from my clients. I do not want to get junk so I know I have to be careful. But how can I make sure that I am getting all my e-mails. I have outlook express. Are there any steps I could take to check. Thanks for your help.
  5. It was taking a long time to get e-mails from friends and other people. So I tried to do a liitle test and send myself a e-mail. I am still waiting and it's about 20 min I sent 3 differnt e-mails. Before installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 I did not hvae this problem with 2009. Do I have something incorrectly set. Is there anyway I can check to see that all my setting are set correct or should I do a default setting. I just checked I has been 45 min when I sent that e-mail. Could it be checking for SPAM. We have outlook express! Please Need Your Help!!
  6. What exactly is Vulnerability scan and how important is it? I tied to looked it up but thought maybe you can help me explain it! It is somethime I need to do!
  7. How do I set a full scan on my computers so I don't have to do it manually. Will it do a live update. Is there anything else I have to do? In start object scan what should be check.
  8. I have Kaspersky 2009 Internet Security. It is about to expire, I download 2010 on one of my computers. I just purchased from a store 2010 the 3 user version in a box. Do I need to remove reinstall the this version from one of my computers. Will this create a problem? And on the the computers do I just load in 2010 and go! Sorry Just NEED HELP!!!
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