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  1. They were able to provide a workaround with the last patch they released. Still not sure why it was being detected after the changes were made to KIS though.
  2. Has there been any solution to this? I believe we may be experiencing this issue. Thanks,
  3. I am having the same issue and it does state AhnLab has an agreement with Kaspersky which in doing a search is how I found this post. The following are the location of the files as well as the exclusions I have placed on each. c:\program files\sd enternet\enfuns updater\enfunsupdater.exe (Adding AntiWinLock prevents autopatch from working correctly) c:\program files\sd enternet\navyfield\navyfield.exe Do not scan opened files Do not scan application activity Do not inherit restrictions of the parent process (application) Do not monitor child application activity The issue still occurs.
  4. Realized it was my mistake since I added %Program Files%\SAPSetup\Setup\sapstart.exe rather than %ProgramFiles%\SAPSetup\Setup\sapstart.exe. I would like to see more business applications added to white list addressed in future versions though especially since this is the business version of Kaspersky.
  5. This issue still occurs in I am going to try to remove last Outlook updates and reinstall to see if issue still occurs.
  6. Any update on this? Pure was announced in March and here it is July and still no US release.
  7. I have done this also however on some machines the files are still being detected as "Invaders". I am wondering if this can be done through the Events and computers selection where a quarantined file can be added to the trusted zone/exclusions so it is restored via the Administration Kit. Here is an example of a file that was quarantined. C:\Program Files\SAPSetup\Setup\sapstart.exe For example. I have added the following to the trusted applications %Program Files%\SAPSetup\Setup\sapstart.exe %Program Files%\SAP\ with subfolders has been added to the exclusion rules for File Anti-Virus, ProActive Defense, and Scan
  8. Having a couple of issues with KAV removing legitimate applications/files during scans. Can a false positive be added to the trusted zone via the Admin Kit?
  9. Please try this : http://www.scribd.com/doc/23675566/Slow-Sy...nce-Workarounds This should help with some of the performance issues you are experiencing.
  10. I hope this patch fixes an issue I am having when connecting with a laptop wirelessly. The same issue does not occur when connected via a LAN cable. When released will these patch be released with regular updates? Thanks
  11. Will there be an advertisement for upgrading to Pure in the Security+ section? :laugh3:
  12. Well I wouldn't include encryption part of an Internet Security Suite necessarily. Since KIS already has an "Erase Your Activities History" in the Security+ menu though, I don't see why this couldn't do more such as secure file shredding and secure activity erasing like some standalone products do.
  13. I think the Password Manager should be included in KIS itself 1.) It integrates with the Virtual Keyboard 2.) I would consider this part of Internet Security since it stores internet password/form information 3.) Other competing Internet Security products namely NIS include this type of feature already
  14. Same issue here. I just want to verify that you are only using Webroot Spy Sweeper and not Webroot Internet Security Essentials or Webroot Spy Sweeper with Anti-virus. These two are both listed as being not compatible due to conflicting firewall and/or anti-virus with KIS. Webroot Spy Sweeper stand alone is not however. Removing Spy Sweeper should resolve the issue although I am not sure why it is hanging only on files in this directory. You could exclude the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Webroot\WebrootSecurity\ and folder from the scan and see if the scan completes.
  15. When we moved to KAV and spoke to Kaspersky technical support they walked us through creating an install package without the NDIS driver.
  16. Understandable, similiar to some antispyware programs showing detected cookies in red. Would be nice to at least have the option under Full Scan even if it was not selected by default though. Would setting a Vulnerability Scan for every 1st of every month conflict or cause performance issues if a Full Scan happened to fall on the same day?
  17. Although a vulnerability scan and malware scan are different a "full system" scan should include vulnerabilities as it did in 2009 versions.
  18. I spoke with a technical support representative that says that the target date for the official release is in mid August.
  19. I have tried the same. First doing a complete uninstall and was unsuccessful. I reinstalled KIS 2009 and then uninstalled saving only activation data and received the error above after installing KIS 2010. Two attempts to contact support via the form on 6/25 and 7/3 and once in chat 7/8 and I have yet to receive a response. I sent the support representative my proof of purchase via chat who said he would have the code out later that night and so far I have received nothing.
  20. I receive the same message with doing a complete uninstall of 2009 when installing 2010. Even reinstalling 2009 and uninstalling while keeping activation data yields this error Application name: Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 US Edition. 3-Desktop Base License + 3 year Maintenance Online Pack License type: Commercial Expiration date: 12/14/2009 Reason: The key file is not compatible with this application. It is impossible to activate Kaspersky Internet Security using the key for another application. Please, check your product.
  21. This file is part of the Spy Sweeper 5.2 keystroke logger shield. It can be trusted. I received the error after upgrading to of KIS 6.0 on both machines I have it on. Every machine that has had this error has had Spy Sweeper 5.2 installed with the Keystroke Logger shield enabled, which makes sense since the file is call SSKBFD.sys SS is common preceding many of the files Spy Sweeper uses.
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