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  1. After Windows Update, the upgraded build 17692.1000 cannot start and the laptop (Asus G551JW) fall in a constant loop start. I had to restore the last build 17686, and uninstall Kaspersky Total Security, and after them runs again the Windows Update wizard. So, teh build 17692 was installed right and the OS starts without any loop neither problem. Now I stays unprotected because cannot sets KTS as AV of my computer. Will there any new build or patch of KTS that fix this bug
  2. When will Kaspersky Mobile for Windows Phone 8.x?? It is a consolidated system and have a increasing use....
  3. I just buy a Lumia 920 and I would like to test some version of KM. I was a betatester of KM for Symbian. Yet still there are not none for Windows 8, it's true? It's time. Come on, folks!!! :b_lol1:
  4. My KMS commercial key has expired last week end...
  5. No, I have installed Ovi Maps (free)... Among users of Nokia, at least, it is unnecessary the Google Maps
  6. Very thanks!!! Is a pleasure be here, guys :dance2: :beer:
  7. MMmmm... I cannot repro the whole feature... It's ask me a pay for license... From what I've seen if I don't pay I will not receive any sms...
  8. No, at less nothing remarkable... More: I has made "hard reset" because I has updated firmware. With this fact, you know, phone comes back to factory setting (it's like clean installation in PC) and normally phone works much best that before of resetting. Well... After install KMS I don't find any diferent on performance in my Nokia 5800 that when the hard reset had been made and still KMS had not been installed... It ANOTHER advantage of KMS!!!! :bravo: :bravo:
  9. If Apple lowers its prices, in current status of Nokia, the finnish will lost, and IPhone and Blackberry definitively will win the competence, the one that now go to front, far... So, Nokia has lost on world market and is hurt of murder. I think that, of course, Nokia know it and, in front to reality, he points to a partner that shares to same target of "residual market" and, too, that is one corp partially lost, like Nokia. I mean: Nokia now depends of luck of MS. Except (a miracle) they change the bet and they go to Android, because is clear that Symbian is dying, beyond it'll take a while to die...
  10. Sorry, I'm relatively new here and only I wanna say something because today I feel very nice by to be between all of you. KMS is the most consistent and robust security software for mobile phones that exists today (and now, as things stand, for other companies will be hard to beat). He has won the global front, has improved the performance of leader in 90's decade of its original product: the famous AV, KIS today ... Kaspersky is a leader and teacher who has builded prestige and seriousness from the time of AV, AV Pro, etc.... Was and is the software all of us. From those years, when we were anxious and worried about the virus and we downloaded AV with modems of 28800 or less ... You can be proud of who built this seriously. Congratulations :bravo:
  11. You're a insolent and you are not serious for to make a critic. I do not gives you authority to caution. Your attitude is a troll and I ask the moderator to check how many times I've used a smiley "senseless" in my posts. Much less into a answer "senseless" in a thread. My smileys (3 THREE in the last week, and never before) has been very few and were used in response to a simple greeting or appreciation of the topic lead. So, too the topic lead could also had been "reprimanded" by an insolent because it only says "Thanks" in several posts. What is the difference between a laconic Thanks and a smiley that represents the same attitude that the word? Well the difference is that there are people who are friendly sometimes, only for education, and others who only speculate on the counter postings. I'm not the second kind. And it's proved only with read all my posts and make a comparative with who's pretend to be little and pathetic "district attorneys" where nobody has selected them. :bp: :bq: :b_grins:
  12. Yes, something like this... The same that in logon process in any networking. So as Kaspersky keeps the password or secret code of login, also could save a recovery code for instances when user has exceded the set of attemps. And send to user email the secret code and also the recovery code, because (very relatively, off course) the email address of user is supposed to be the most inviolable... Then, well, let go beyond this... By the way, all of us knows the weakness of http, pop3 for critical data. For that reason, also, maybe KL could give to buyer of KMS, along with activation key of product, a secret recovery code for cases like commented before. This could be the way most secure and consistent with the prestige of KL. So, user could trust that your data and phone are in very secure hands, because the fact trough a email (that is NOT delivery by https nor encrypted) send IMEI and wait for a return of secret code by same way "poorly secure" is not very convincing in the world current... Nobody wanna install a advanced and high protection as KMS on a cellular if it don't gives trusted and security. If he makes it its because is advanced user and with significant data to protect. Yes, I agree. Then, along with activation key of product, KL could send to user, beside of the secret recovery code, the IMEI of phone user (always KL will ask this data to user al moment of buy). So it will avoid send through email the IMEI. Only KL and user will see this data.
  13. First: I edited two terms in my last post, where had two typing errors. One: "acierte" (spanish, It has scaped me , changed by "hits" . Other: "social inteligence", changed for "social engineering", more appropiate. Sorry. Respect to Abbath Doom reply, OK, but beyond of complex of password of 5 or more characters, that is right, I mean that the fact of able make countless attemps typing passwords, without a limit of attemps, is not a recomended on any security system. I had referenced this issue... About the option of showing Imei, it's true that people generally unknown how to get IMEI, but maybe IMEI could be less exposed. In place of show IMEI, you could include a brief explanation of how to get it in the helps and the manual with special recomendation of keep very well saved the IMEI.... It's like ADN of phone, as for leaving it at the light...
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