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  1. Thats because you have an old version of java which in fact does have some vulnerabilities...
  2. after upgrading to 8.1.831 we have had to disable the outlook plugin as it blocks all outbound and incoming email... As soon as one sends one email kaspersky blocks everything... The application works but no email arrives or leaves... THis is using outlook 2010 and the google apps plugin... It was working fine with the 8.1 .461 version... please let us know when will be patched as this is not a very safe way to be using email...
  3. device control does not work at all anaymore... we have at the moment restricted ALL devices... and before a messagebox of kav used to appear sayung the installation had been blocked... NOw nothing happens and the device is allowed to be installed... FOr example we have the dvd units blocked, but you can put in any dvd and it will be recoginsed and read... Basicly device control wopkred in the beta very well, and now it does nothjing at all.. does not black any access..
  4. We nhave been using kaspersky business space for almost 2 years now... We were very happy when testing the beta for admion kit 8 and 6.,04 that device control was finally included... Using the beta it worked flawlessly... however when we upgraded to admin kit 8.2048 and workstation, device control just stopped working... has any body benn able to get it to work?
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