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  1. Hi Yury, Fantastic, using that command, I am able to access the drive and scan it; thank you!
  2. Also, the following is my bitlocker setting (in case you need to see it too)
  3. Hi Yury, Thanks for your reply! As requested, please find attached the trace file and hardware info. Please note that, inside the KRD2018_Data, there is no other .log files created, apart from the following folders and files: - Legal Notices (legal_notices.txt) - Quarantine (no files) - Reports (2 x enc1 files, which I have attached too) krd2018_hwinfo_4C4C4544-004D-5410-8042-B6C04F504E32_2018_06_11.01_39_50.tgz KLMNT_2018.06.11_01.38.04_mount.log report_2018.06.09_18.02.53.klr.enc1 report_2018.06.09_18.04.40.klr.enc1
  4. KRD 2018 unable to access the drive, even though there is no bitlocker enabled on Windows 10 Pro x64 1803 on Dell XPS13 9370 Does anyone know how to bypass this?
  5. Mine still not working I'm using Win 7x64, after installing Kaspersky Admin Kit 8 Version 8.0.2090, i unable to connect to my workplace using VPN & Remote Desktop Connection. I've been trying to disable & enable the NAP (Network Access Protection) as described in the article, the error 'event 10016' still appearing. Then, I try to update the registry as per article. the error no longer appearing, but I still unable to connect using RDP. RDP just stuck at 'Configuring remote sessions" If I use other PC without Kaspersky Admin Kit, it works fine, so I believe the issue is with Kaspersky Admin Kit Please help Thanks
  6. Hi All, I've just updated my Windows 2000 server from SP 3 to SP4. When I tried to install KAV (kav6.0.4.1424_winserven.exe), the error message "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 4 or higher required to install the application." appears. How to fix this issue? Thanks in advance
  7. as I'm in Australia, I guess in here 3 months...but I haven't really check it myself whether that's the case...just trust the distributor's email so far
  8. Hi JerradH, I've disabled all clients Security Center (by clicking "Off (not recommended)" bullet point); but that messages keeps coming up for approx 5-10 seconds during computer starts up. I know this is not really a big issue, considering kaspersky already catch viruses; but still... I wish I can just eliminate that warning message all together...
  9. I asked the same question the other day to Australian Kaspersky distributor (microbe). Apparently the license will start countdown after 3 months period. So let's say you purchased 2 years Kaspersky license in January 2000, it will start count down after 3 months of purchasing, even if you are not installing it. Please someone also confirm the above statements HTH
  10. Anyone got solution for this issue? Kaspersky Lab team perhaps?
  11. Anyone got solution for this issue? Kaspersky Lab team perhaps?
  12. Hi All, Currently I'm using: - Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0.1710 with clients: - Kaspersky Anti Virus I've been able to set password in the group policy, so client won't be able to stop / modify any Local settings unless supplying the correct password: - Create KAV policy: Enforcement: Modify all policy settings to the local settings at first policy application (note: I think this is confusing, rewording would be nice...) Policy Settings:Scan - LOCKED for both "Security Level" and "Action" Service - LOCKED and TICKED the following options:"Enable self defense" "Disable external service control" "Enable uninstall protection" "Enable password protection" Saving program settings Exiting the program Stopping / pausing protection components or virus scan tasks Now, using the above settings, client won't be able to change any of local settings unless supplying the correct password, which is what I want. BUT, they also cannot stop any manual scan they runs. as it keeps asking for the password, which I set from Stopping / pausing protection components or virus scan tasks. Is there any way I can allow them start/stop manual scanning, but disallow them to start/stop/changing any protection components or stopping scheduled scanning task? Thank you!
  13. Same thing happening with me. indeed this 'Windows Security Alert' is annoying, as most of my clients are not computer savvy type of person, and they afraid to get infected by virus because of that warning/alert. So far, has anyone found the resolution for this issue?
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