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  1. Spot on, cut the startup time down to 2 seconds :cb_punk: Does that mean Administration Server won't know if KAV is installed on each workstation now though?
  2. We've been testing our new images and this year trying to speed up our boot times as they've been a bit on the slow side at the "Applying Computer Settings" phase. I enabled userenv debugging to see where the slowdown occurs and found there's an 8-10 second delay for klnagent.exe to start, which is quite noticeable. Tried uninstalling the network agent from the test machine and time to desktop went down by around 30 seconds! What causes the delay? Could almost understand if KAV itself was starting up and scanning items but why should the network agent take so long?
  3. Thanks for the replies, to answer some of the questions... - Windows Storage Server 2003 with SP2 - no errors in event log - no blue screens - if I try to restart the server service it gets right to the end then hangs and "doesn't respond in a timely fashion", Windows then goes very wobbly and I have to hard reboot Will run a GSI and post up in the next day or so...
  4. This issue is driving me crazy now, seems to happen every 3 months :dash1: Our main file server also holds roaming profiles etc so when it crashes effectively all our users grind to a halt as their Desktop, My Documents and Start Menus all time out. On the server itself we'll either get a blank logon screen (if logged off) or the server appearing to work normally and Server service running but no file shares are accessible (no provider exists for given path error on clients) If I try to restart the Server service it takes ages to stop then eventually crashes out with an Access Denied error. At this point we have to hard reboot the machine. This works for about 2 hours then it crashes again. The only way to get it back to life is to uninstall KAV then reinstall, which is then good for another couple of months. No errors are recorded in event viewer, just a silent crash... very very strange. It usually tends to happen about an hour or so after certain KAV updates, not sure if that's coincidence or something to do with the problem? It's Windows Server 2003 Appliance Edition on a DL380 G4 server with latest KAV and Admin Kit. Never used to have these crashes on our previous AV nor with the MP3 release of KAV but it's been a nightmare since MP4 on this particular server.
  5. I've been disabling the Kaspersky add-ins in Outlook for users that have been experiencing issues. Makes no difference to us having the add-ins disabled as we don't use the mail scanning feature so I'm guessing that's equivalent to unregistering the DLL files in the meantime?
  6. We had a lot of issues with Proactive Defence as well, it's far too paranoid for its own good :b_lol1: You could spend a long time trying to catch every program it blocks and add them as exceptions but in the end it was easier to just turn off. It protects against unauthorised registry changes etc which is great but if it blocks users from everyday tasks it poses more problems than it solves!
  7. Was wondering why some of our Outlook users had starting randomly crashing, the funny thing is we have the mail plugin disabled anyway (scanned by Messagelabs on the way in) Proactive Defense makes no difference as ours has been disabled since the MP4 upgrade when it quarantined loads of random (and completely legitimate) programs we use on a day-to-day basis. Never felt the urge to take the gamble of turning it back on again since
  8. This was meant to be a reply to another topic, admin please delete
  9. Was really hoping this would be fixed in MP4 1424 but it seems to have got worse We use mandatory profiles on our teaching workstations to create a consistent user environment in conjunction with GPOs. With no AV logon is lightning fast, when we had Sophos it was decent... since KAV it's diabolically slow, around 30-45 seconds to apply a 2MB profile with frenzied HDD the whole time... I've had exclusion lists, settings changes and various other attempts by support to speed it up but to no avail... what the hell is going on at logon time?!?!?!
  10. So it's finally released... deployment looks like it will be a pain already so the million dollar question is... does it work? Has anyone put it on a live server that had the pool issues and crashing beforehand, does it look to be running better? Is the client lighter on resources on PCs now? Just to check the obvious as well, surely we don't have to uninstall admin kit to put the new one on???
  11. Nope, Proactive Defense got turned off straight away after killing our interactive whiteboard software, Windows Movie Maker and other well-known good applications. In fact I think we only have 2-3 of the components running out of the full suite as they caused more problems than they solved!
  12. Just come on the forum to see the reaction to CF1 and I feel exactly the same as you... first reaction was "you are kidding me?!" to have to uninstall and reinstall AGAIN
  13. Just wondering if there's a way to install Kaspersky with the same settings that would be given out when installing from the Management Console but done from a batch file or similar? I'd like to add KAV installation as a task at the end of our imaging tasks but I'm guessing if I just tried to silent install from the KLSHARE location I'll only get a vanilla setup that I'd have to sync from the console?
  14. Can't believe it still hasn't been released yet, it's been a good few weeks since I last checked this forum and would've thought the patch would be done by now :angry: This CF1 had better sort everything that's been problematic in MP4 straight after release as we've waited long enough for this to be stable now...
  15. I've been referred to this patch by tech support to fix our crashing servers (KAV eats up all resources then trashes Windows, requires hard reboot to get back online) but I'm a bit dubious about installing it having read some of the responses saying Windows doesn't reboot afterwards on some clients Has anyone had issues using the patch on a Windows Server 2003 (32 or 64 bit) box?
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