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  1. I'm currently running Admin Kit 8.0.2177 with about 500 client installs (workstations, laptops and servers, not using Kaspersky EE on anything) using Want to upgrade the AK to KSC9 and put Endpoint on a few workstations and leaving the vast majority on until gradually upgrading them. I'm looking for any tips/gotcha avoidance/lessons learned from people that have done the same type of upgrade. I will be opening a support ticket with Kaspersky also. Thanks.
  2. I want to find out more about the dynamic mode for VDI support mentioned in the KSC9 "What's new". I skimmed the index and table of contents in the new guides, but I did not see any details. More information on this would be great.
  3. It worked for my update issue as well.
  4. I had the same issue. The workaround resolved it.
  5. I am considering turning off Proactive Defense for workstations on the lan but keeping it as a Mobility policy. How much risk do I add by having it off? Internally the highest risk thing I worry about is infected USB drives, followed by infected web sites. I have other (non-Kaspersky) web filtering in place at the firewall but occasionally a bad site makes it through which Kaspersky catches. The File and Mail anti-virus components will definitely stay on.
  6. Will patch "b" ever have an official release for 2048 or will we just have to wait for 8.0.2069?
  7. Running Admin Kit 6.0.1710 with (MP3) on the workstation clients. I need to be able to some testing with Windows 7 clients (needs MP4). Since MP4 seems to be having some issues, I plan on holding off upgrading the MP3 workstations to MP4 for the time being. Is Admin Kit 8+MP3 stable and workable? I realize that if I go to Admin Kit 8 then I need to update the Network Agent on the workstations.
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