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  1. My experience is that KAV 5.0.391 works OK, but every later version of KAV crashes, usually ever 8-12 hours in my case. I get roughly 15-20 pieces of spam an hour if malformed spam MIME turns out to be the issue. I installed 5.0.676 last and have had two crashes thus far. Going into the Event Manager and restarting KAVSVC seems to get it running again. I haven't tried KAV6. I didn't see any information on the KAV-6 announcement page about costs, upgrades, or license-key compatibility, functionality changes, or anything else.
  2. Thanks. My dad had to leave yesterday for an unexpected trip and I can't test until he returns. I'll follow up & test when he returns with his notebook. It might be useful to have a button somewhere in KAV to reinstall or re-enable KAV in Outlook. I have about a dozen clients using KAV - and my dad - and none are computer experts. A simple way to re-enable would let an administrator like me safely fix the problem over a telephone, telling the user to push the button, rather than going to the computer to do tricky Windows commands myself.
  3. Windows XP SP2, KAV Personal Pro 5.0.391, Outlook 2002 SP3 The “Kaspersky Anti-Virus” tab is missing from the Outlook Options box. In Outlook the add-in for “Kaspersky Mail Checker” is checked in Other -> Advanced Options -> Add-in Manager. In KAV Settings -> Configure Real-Time Protection -> Mail, Enable is checked and Protection level Settings is set to Maximum. My dad sent me this message: “I just got an error message that Outlet had a serious problem with Kaspersky and wanted to disable an add-in.” Any suggestions on how to get the KAV tab back in the Outlook Options box?
  4. I installed KAV PersonalPro 5.0.388 on three systems. Two picked up the .390 update fine. But the third is stuck at .388 annd I don't know why. The antivirus databases appear to update so I believe KAV is connecting to the updatre servers. But manual updates (and automatic updates as well), followed by reboots, don't result in 5.0.390. I don't see a lot of other reports like this so I'm puzzled - lack of other reports implies it's something I'm doing wrong, but I can't imagine what.
  5. How can this happen? KAV should refuse to let the mail program even read an infected file - you should never even get to the point of being able to send the email? Likewise when receiving an infected email KAV should alert and delete it as soon as you try to save it, even if the mail scanner doesn't catch it. I use Thunderbird and Outlook and KAV Pro works fine with both. Click on a message and then press ctrl-U to bring up the message source. See if there is a line "X-Kaspersky: Checked" in the header. If not then KAV didn't see it go by. Perhaps you can do some testing of your setup. Download and use EtherReal to make sure that the POP3 traffic between your client and the POP server is what you think it is. Also, test your "virus" in a file to make sure KAV thinks it really is a virus, then mail it to yourself.
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