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  1. https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/32107465661e219d043b8660c29952a4
  2. I found the version by going to Programs its
  3. I also had WindowsDefender OFF though I believe that's how it was. I put it on for some protection and its asking me to "Scan your computer" but I;d rather wait fot my Kaspersky to get back on. I believe I should keep Windows Defender OFF, once I get back to KTS19. If that's wrong, please advise
  4. Run Windows 7 Service Pack I .... I can't tell which version of KTS 19 (though I've had it a good 6 months) It hasn't Opened. I have via the cursor over tray icon because there is a Red X over it. I looked on right click view of Properties and it had KASPERSKY TOTAL SECURITY Target location Kaspersky Internet Security 19.0.0
  5. this morning when I started my lapptop as always, I tried Troubleshoot but the options only went as high as Windows XP, from 95 on up, and I did try XP -Nothing. Is it OK to just Remove Program (KTS) and Reload
  6. I've had KIS for many years and recently it was time to renew. I bought online an 18 month license for 3 units. Though I bought KIS-2019, which I already had, the seller sent me KTS 2019 w/o asking me, sent the disc, though all I needed was the Code. The code was fine but I have KTS running now and would like to go back to KIS. I hope I can do this w/o having the only choice being to scrap what I have now and rebuy. Any help or suggestion. Just so you know, when renewal time came I didn't have a choice, I had to accept the download of KTS
  7. I use KIS for years and bought a new license on ebay. Though I bought a renewal for KIS I was sent the Disc and License for Total Security and the Seller sent a note that he sent me an "Upgrade". I just want to make sure that I don't have to change to Total Security, I prefer not switching and fine as-is...so am I correct and no problem. The License is A-OK and set on automatic
  8. that's what I'm thinking. I don't need the few extra add-ons and very happy as is with KIS-2019, the Code works either way--Thank You
  9. I just received the new code and a disc for Kaspersky Total Security 2019. I posted days ago and mentioned that I had bought an additional year of Kaspersky INS 2019, exactly what I have been using. I was just planning on adding a new code. But the seller said he was sending me an "Upgrade" for Total Security 2019, so do I have to actually insert the disc or is there a link I can go to for a Download. I already added the Code and its set to take over in 28 days. I"m just hoping I can simply download off a link, any help very appreciated. <<< that was the question I came here for, but after reading all the posts here I have a second question, Please, I am Windows 7 -64 also, and have been using KIS for years and happy with it. I didn't buy Total Security, don't mind changing to it but I also wouldn't mind at all just staying KIS 2019, any thoughts and/or link
  10. I currently use Kasp INS 2019 and with about a month left o my license I bought a new license which I should receive in a few days. The seller sent me an email saying they "Upgraded" my order to Total Security 2019. So I have some questions. 1) Can I simply add the new license number and stay with INS-2019 as I am, should I decide to? and 2) if I Download the Total Security 2019, will it Upgrade off the INS, or must I first REMOVE my Kasp-INS 2019 and then Download Total Security...Lastly, aside from the new License number will I, as a Home user, need to add or change any other number? I recall years ago having a Key File number (I believe that was whatit was called), however in the past at least 4 years all I do is add a new license code and Kaspersky automatically switches to the new license on renewal day---Thank You
  11. I just read your post and want to make sure I'm clear. I'll paste below what I was about to ask before reading this thread. So, if I understand correctly I should eliminate INS 2017 before Downloading INS 2018?-paste: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 64-bit OS I currently have Kaspersky INS 2017 with about 20 days left. I've had Kasp for at least 5 years, the 3 PC-1-year deal. This year I bought a 5-PC-1-year deal from ebay. I already entered the Code on my PC and its set to activate when this year ends. My question is-do I need to use the link that came with my purchase or is any Download link OK? like: [[[ Click the Download button to get the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2018.]]] and will I need to upgrade to 2018 on all 5 by upgrading my PC, or can the others use the code but decide on upgrading when ready to. P.S. I just watched Kaspersky's video about installing and it looks like any and all incompatible applications can be removed prior to 2018 Download completing. Do I have it right?
  12. at the root. This is my first post, I think. Almost every day my PC Freezes. On a Vulnerability Scan I get this "glashishv3\jdk\bin Vulnerability #52451. Am I supposed to click on Add to Exclusions ? I'm also adding a link, just in case I'm supposed to, after reading this: Welcome to the Kaspersky user forum. So you have a problem with your Kaspersky product? We need a bit of info to help you in the best possible way and the best way is to use the GetSystemInfo tool, it is highly recommended to use this tool, it will convert the quite large amount of mumjumbo into something easy to read and tell more about your system than possible to include (using sometimes spotty human memory) in a post...thus saving time. To post a GetSystemInfo (GSI) log, follow the instructions below: 1. Click here to download the GetSystemInfo tool Below is the result. Have no idea if I'm doing this correctly...seems to really be part of the ongoing Firefox/Java screw-up, Any Help appreciated. Visit My Website
  13. Here we go Again...Yes, this has been discussed every time Mozilla's Firefox offers an Updated, better, bugs fixed, New version Browser. Right now its FF 18.0.2, but I won't accept the update because, as usual, I would have to sacrifice at least 2 of Kaspersky's Add-Ons very important to me, the URL Advisor and Virtual Keyboard. This same problem has been going on for a long, long time. Here is a snip, paste, from a previous post on this: Alien8 11.10.2012 16:31 I won't name names but other vendors seem to be keeping up with Firefox updates. It seems a fair question to ask about the status of Kaspersky's support of the same. KIS is one of the best products available, but they need a better Firefox plan. me: < The hard to understand part is that this (the same old questions every time Mozilla/Firefox Updates its Browser) and we get the same following questions, requests for a solution...I think that by now, you 2 companies should have had this resolved to the point of being well ahead, and prepared for the release date, making accepting the Firefox Upgrade an easy decision, instead of what we've had for well over a year. > I believe the solution to this ongoing problem is as simple as you two companies establishing a Line of Communication, apparently other Browser choices are prepared and I could use one and have my Kaspersky Add-Ons but I don't want to use them. Many of us prefer FF, and will Not accept the update, because we also prefer Kasperky and the Add-Ons important to us (I'm a loyal long time user of Kaspersky and wouldn't consider using another, but Please guys. May I suggest that you establish this line of communication, 2 Professionals. This way you'll know when the Beta version is going to come out, and you have enough time to be ready for a seamless update for us, w/o the concern of losing our Add-Ons. The communication may even make offer an easy fix It should be as easy as getting a "heads-up" Alert anytime Mozilla is set to release the BETA Version of the next coming Update, which should give Kaspersky enough time to make whatever Tweaking necessary accomplished by the time the official release is made ( Tweaking which you eventually come out with anyhow ), and those of us [many, if not most] who prefer to use Firefox for our Browser, can accept the Upgrade w/o the concern of losing the usage of these important Kaspersky features, like the URL Advisor, Virtual Keyboard, these 2 items alone are enough to prevent me from using the new, best, bugs fixed version of Firefox I would really like to Upgrade to, but won't. Can't someone from these 2 companies make Contact, get acquainted Professionally with the other, so in the future a simple EMail Alert will be Sent, giving enough time to make Kaspersky fully compatible with FF, during FF's Beta testing. Those of us who use and prefer FF (over a million) and also loyal Kaspersky users will no longer have to go through this "Usual" problem. Somebody from one of you two outfits Please establish this Line of Communication. We ALL Thank You
  14. and getting a new one good for another year. Do I need to remove and reinstall or just change the Code?
  15. I just re-registered today, and looking for a Thread to make my post/inquiry. While looking around I read this post & Thread, and want to add my comment. I certainly understand how you feel. I bought my Kaspersky set, originally the 2009 Internet Security, and recently did the Upgrade to the 2010 version. I just got this PC, the Desktop I use most, back from my local PC-Medic. I won't get into that right here, but my comment is simply this; All the research time I spent, trying to be sure I was purchasing the best protection I could find, took me to Kaspersky and I bought the Package I selected. It just seems obvious that there are many ways that Kaspersky "could" come up with to make it easy for a Client to do anything allowed in the Package bought, be it add on a second PC, or to ReInstall Kaspersky on a PC that had it Uninstalled <<< this is my situation right now, and I don't know if I can even get access to my Key Cabinet. This is way too cumbersome. My Bank, my Financial Accounts [important stuff] are easier to reconnect to. Someone/s at Kaspersky needs to consider some Short-Cuts, secondary ways to access, especially easy for those on a Home PC that nobody else has access to. So today I had to come to this Forum, and not surprised reading the few posts I did. Now I'll go look for a Thread that can address my predicament. All I want to do is ReInstall my Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, that is not functioning now, after getting this PC back from the local PC-Medic. He has AVG Free 8.5 running on here now, and I need to get my Kaspersky back as my Protection. The little bit I found, so far, seems to indicate that Kaspersky will automatically UnInstall the AVG. Let me add this last note: I'm Not a Tech savvy person, and it may be helpful to write artcles, directions, etc., with the assumption that the reader is as Tech uneducated as I am ---but mostly Kaspersky, come up with some alternatives, short-cuts, for those of us who can easily verify our Ownership of your products, and the PC we are on. Thank You
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