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  1. Windows 7 I successfully installed (renewed the subscription) KIS on my clients desktop PC. Wasn't so lucky on her laptop. Followed the on-screen instructions but at the step where KIS goes to the Internet and gets a new keycode nothing happens. Help Appreciated - IM
  2. Windows 7 64bit / Google Chrome v13.0.782.220 / KPM v5.0.0155 I'm running KPM in Firefox OK. I want to install KPM in Google Chrome. In KPM Settings> Supported Applications the 'Google Chrome' check box has a red X in the "not installed" box. How do I install KPM in Google Chrome? I'm ditching Firefox due to their all too frequent updates that are incompatible with KPM - Thank you for the help - IM
  3. Ooops! I spoke to soon. I clicked the "Buy your license key now!' and purchased the License Key. Password Manager say "License Key is invalid". My experience with Kaspersky over the past months tells me I'm in for a struggle again, damn :-( edit: del you activation code from your screenshot.
  4. Thank you again for your help richbuff. This was the end of a months long battle for me and I am really pleased to have benefited from your solution - Best, IM
  5. USA / Windows 7 / FireFox v4.0.1 / Password Manager I have successfully installed Password Manager, and after the mandatory reboot I'm please to report 'IT WORKS' with FireFox. It's beyond me why Kaspersky can't state in simple terms, the revision level of PM, and a compatibilities list (browsers in this case) with their rev levels on the download page? Best, IM
  6. Is Kaspersky Password Manager compatible with FireFox 4.x USA ? - Thank you for your help, IM
  7. Have you ever tried contacting support, and interacting with them?
  8. After a long struggle with this issue, I resolved it by uninstalling KPM, cleaning up, and reinstalling from a fresh download = IM
  9. Windows 7 64bit / KPM / FireFox v3.6.16 Installed FireFox v3 over v4 so KPM would work. KPM detected the new revision level of FF, and warned of a 'Possible Phishing attack'. I'm used to this, and would normally press the 'Allow' button, but it's missing from the dialog box? - Help Appreciated, IM
  10. Petr - Does this mean there will be an update to make PM4 compatible with FF4? If so, any guess when? I installed the trial version of PM5 only to find out it's not being sold in the USA, it worked great with FF4 - Best, Bob
  11. Well I'll be damned, and no support in v4 for FireFox v4. Hours and hours of my time to get to this point. Kaspersky, 'BAD REPUATION'. This story will go on the blog tonight - Nonetheless, thank you for your help :-(
  12. UPDATE: Danila - Kaspersky Store USA (877-232-4588) has no record of version 5, only version 4. Digital River (952-253-1234) has no record of version 5, only version 4.
  13. Thank you for your help Danila - I was successful this morning at getting refunds for v4 from Digital River. My question remains, how to buy a key for the trial version of V5?
  14. I'm from the USA. I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to get a refund on v4 to no avail. Please help me purchase a key for v5, about to expire - Thank you, IM
  15. I followed your link and made the purchase, and I now own 3 copies of version 4 I'm just about done with Kaspersky . . . always a problem! edit: Merged.
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