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  1. Habe mich an den Support gewandt. Mit der Installation der neuen Version (b ) taucht das Problem nicht mehr auf. Grüsse
  2. Kilauea Habe Windows 10 x64 Habe ein Desktop Korrekt, alles friert sofort ein, kann dann nichts machen. joschi
  3. Nein mit dem hat es nicht zu tun. Habe kein WLAN
  4. @Logitech Würde ich gerne machen, aber wie soll das gehen, wenn alles eingefreezt wird? So lässt sich kein Screenshot machen / wie soll ein GetInfo beendet werden, wenn der PC nicht brauchbar? Auf alle Fälle konnte ich das Problem eingrenzen. Es muss an dieser Funktion liegen: "Beim Hochfahren Ressourcen für das Betriebssystem freigeben". Trotzdem werde ich mich an den Support melden, welcher Leider sehr ausgebucht ist.
  5. Seit Patch e installiert wurde, ist nach jedem booten meines Systemns, das Windows nicht mehr brauchbar. Alles friert ein. Nicht mal der Taskmanager lässt sich starten. Bitte das Problem genauer unter die Lupe nehmen. Danke.
  6. Hallo Jowi Ja Patch f isch schon länger drauf. Habe 3 weitere Einträge unter "Vertrauenswürdige Programme" (verschlüsselte Netzwerkverkehr) eingefügt (siehe Attachment). Alle die mit Microsoft OneDrive in Verbindung stehen. Habe den PC neugebootet, aber leider hat das auch nichts genützt. Es wird weiterhin geblockt. Hoffe das Kaspersky bald einen neuen Patch herausbringt oder mir jemand sagen kann, was ich sonst noch freigeben muss (vielleicht "alles" auswählen und nicht nur "verschlüsselt"?)
  7. hi habe KIS 2014. Seit dem Windows Update 8.1 dieser Woche wird OneDrive (SkyDrive) von der Kaspersky Firewall blockiert. Die Daten werden somit nicht mehr synchronisiert. Wenn ich KIS ganz ausschalte funktioniert OneDrive einwandfrei. Unter den vertrauenswürdigen Programmen sind alle Microsoft-Produkt als vertraunswürdig eingestuft. Was soll ich machen? Danke
  8. Last question on that: This does not mean that KIS is starting late generally? Because sometimes the KIS Icon in the Taskbar needs also some minutes till you can see it. I though KIS in Windows 8 will start very early. Correct?
  9. This is the reason why I wrote here. I do it any time manually. I hope Kaspersky has done here a good decision with waiting of 15 minutes.
  10. Hi all, I do have KIS (g). Question: Why KIS needs so long to automatically update the virus-database when I start the computer? Thanks. joschi
  11. They may have a good protection, but we all know we can use the internet browser with these smartphones. I don't think Windows Phone can protect its users from the threats in the web. You agree?
  12. I can say only this: I agree with you that is logical that its development is lagging behind that of KIS. It is also ok for me when Pure don't have the same new features as KIS, but I do not agree about the known (and fixed) bugs in KIS which these exatly same bugs (In my first input here you can read one example) still exists in Pure. Why Pure user must wait so long to get important patches? To wait 6 months I think is very long time for patches. And to be considered as well: I was awaken that Pure users should use Firefox ESR version which get every year one release. As I am not a company (which Firefox ESR is basically made for), I do have to think as a company. And this is also something which for me is not satisfying: There is no solution for KIS users to import all there many passwords and links into Pure! This three arguments are the most important one's which will prevent users from buying Pure.
  13. If there is no solution for you, so I will have the same problem and Pure 3.0 will become useless for me.
  14. Wow 6 months...:-) Thank you for the information. This helps to force a decision for me.
  15. The KL support is overburden, I'm waiting now 3 weeks, and not any reply received. My question can be answered (even better) from the user's experience.
  16. I'm still testing Pure 3.0. Now for 2 weeks and I did notice something else which I would like to hear your opinions. As I was many years a KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) user I can compare this two softwares. I have this feeling: KIS has the first priority. When Kaspersky invents something new, KIS would become it first (e.g. plugins like Content Blocker, safe money transfers). Due to Pure's upgrade from 2 to 3, Pure becomes the same features, but KIS had this features already some months before. The same with patches and bugfixes. In KIS 2013 existed a bug where is was impossible to save the virus scan settings permanently. KIS lost this settings everytime, so you were unanble to give the order when KIS should start the scans. Finally (after almost one year!!) this bug were fixed (I would say, some months ago). But, in the newest Pure version, I'm testing now, this Bug still exists! Conclusion So that means, Pure has not the first priority for Kaspersky. The Pure user must wait some time to get the same Benefit as the "big brother" KIS. My question is, how long takes this process? How long Pure users must wait to get this (sometimes important) updates? Thanks
  17. He czroy69... that means it does not work? No other solution?
  18. Thanks for the information. 2-4 weeks is a very long time (unfortunately)...
  19. Hi Yes I have Pure 3.0. Ok I will try this workaround. Thank you.
  20. I'm a Firefox user and did use Firefox's passwort manager. Now I trying Pure and its passwort Manager. As I do have thounds of saved websites and passwords is there a possibility to bring them into Pure's passwor Manager? Thanks, joschi
  21. Hi all, Why everytime when I open Passwort Manager, Passwort Manager creates a new empty folder "Passwords Database"? I delete it everytime, but it does not help, after closing and opening Passwort Manager I see the same. It bothers. joschi
  22. I would like to hear some experierience, as I am a new user of Pure 3.0 (actually I'm trying it). As a long KIS user I know about the problem with new Firefox releases and the compatibility problems with the Kaspersky plug-ins. It is not nice but I can live with it. There is a workaround: using an other browser. Ok, but with the Passwort Manager plugin there is something else. It does not exist an workaround for me. I don't want to use an other browser as then Firefox. I have there all my favorites-links saved. So that means, that the Kaspersky Passwort-Manager plugin must work alwalys! What is your experience? How long normally Kaspersky needs to provide a suitable and working plugin? So long as the other plungins (e.g. Content Blocker)? If your answer is "yes", then Pure's Passwort-Manager is no option for me. Thank you.
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