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  1. How are your clients attempting to connect to the Admin Kit? Are they doing so via NetBIOS Name or IP address? If they are doing so by NetBIOS, then you will probably have to edit the HOSTS file on each of those machines to convert the name of your Admin Kit machine to the IP address, as in my experience VPN doesn't like NetBIOS names. You may have to do the same for your Admin Kit machine as well, try placing a few of your client machine IP addresses and names in the AK machines HOSTS file and see if you can connect to them then. We had this same problem at our company, but I got around it by setting my clients' Anti-Hacker for the networks at each end to recognize both networks (10.x.x.x on one end and 192.x.x.x on the other) as Local Networks. I did this on the AK as well. I then ensured that the client could hit the AK's public shares via My Network places by IP \\192.x.x.x\KLSHARE\etc.... Once I knew that the other end could access the share, I knew that they could get updates from, and I could push policy updates to them. Since then, I've had no issues. During the install of my Network Agents, I made sure to use the IP of my AK machine, so I wouldn't have a problem with where the machine was located (VPN wise), or if the machine changed its name.
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