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  1. Well my opinion is maybe it can be used. I had an unused key for Version 7 for several years and used it finally for the first time to install version 2010 or 2011 and it worked fine. Just because it was issued for Version 6 doesn't mean you can only use it with version 6, just as if you had been using it with Version 6 you could upgrade to version 2012 with any valid key... at least that is the way it was before within the last year unless the policy has changed. If you want to use it I would just install whatever version you want to use and try it. Talking to "support" will probably be a extremely frustrating experience... at least my experience. This forum is great, but the official support not so much.
  2. Thanks Richbuff, I enabled Log non-critical events and changed Corel Guidemeny from Low Restricted to Trusted and that solved those problems.
  3. No, there is nothing there. Thanks Richbuff and dh27564! However in verifying that nothing was there, I noticed in the Detailed Activity Report where I was going to choose something different than "All Events" that these is a yellow triangle icon labeled "Disabled", and when I click on it it takes me to the Settings; Reports and Storages, where I find nothing disabled. Also further down in the Detailed Report, there is an entry also with a yellow triangle icon which is probably a separate issue from the Disabled one, but it shows that the GuideMenu application was granted Low Level Disk Access. So I went to Application Control to make sure GuideMenu was a trusted application and I found that while there are "Add, Edit, and Delete" entries at the bottom of the Protected Application window, they are greyed out and for example I can't delete the multiple obsolete entries for several levels of updates of SlySoft programs. Perhaps is this what is disabled.. the ability to edit my Trusted Applications list?
  4. I hope this won't be considered as a hijacking of this thread... but I basically have the same problem only with a twist that some of the listed threats are shown as active, unlike the entries the first poster didn't understand on his machine. As shown in the attached screenshot, the virus on 02/24/11 was detected, then disinfected, then deleted, so I guess I can right click on those entries as you suggested above and delete, clear, or remove those entries and the exit KIS and reboot. However I don't understand the significance of the three entries showing "infected" which are web pages. Since I am showing everything "green" I guess they aren't active threats.... so is this just some sort of an advisory that these pages are "infected" or are they somehow or somewhere in existance on my computer and I have to find and delete some entry? If they are just sort of advisories that these web pages are infected, then I guess I can just delete the entires like the virus entries?
  5. I have some compressed archive files I have downloaded from a questionable source and I noticed that when I conduct a full scan using KIS that during the scan of the directory in which these files are located I get some boxes that pop up and say the certain filenames are password protected. Does this mean that they are not being checked or not capable of being checked by KIS, and I would have to uncompress them and just hope for the best, and if they contain malware KIS would detect it then, or is there a better solution??
  6. Having experienced this trashing of my RAID array more than once when attempting to use the KIS Rescue Disk, I will never use it again. Having said that, and agreeing with what Whizard said is true about it never being a good idea to force a power cycle on a RAID array... but what is one to do after you leave the machine on for 24 hours and it still doesn't do anything but be hung with the hard drive let on continuously... I have rebuilt my RAID array successfully before as antikythera suggests from the hard drive that still shows as good after the array indicates one of the drives has failed. So his suggestion is really worth a try!! I used to get non-virus related hangs from time to time that eventually I discovered were caused by my humungous InfoSelect files being open the same time as numerous IE7 tabs, and I even changed one of the hard drives a couple of times, before discovering that you really CAN rebuild the array from the 'good' drive and it is not that the other drive has really "failed" in the physical sense the the message makes you believe... it is just the data is no longer identical due to the forced power cycle and abnormal shutdown process.
  7. Actually while the reason you got it is most likely what rudger79 said, PC Tools Registry Mechanic is actually a pretty good application. I have been using it for many years and found it useful. The only bad thing about it is they will sign you up for auto-renew every year. They do however let you cancel auto-renew if you want, and if you don't they do send you a reminder email the month before so you are not surprised by the charge when it comes.... about $ 29.95 a year as I recall or some years maybe a renewal cost $ 19.95. Anyway I have found it to be good and I always renew it.
  8. I don't know about FireFox as I don't use it, but Chrome advises that the Flash Plugin in integrated with Chrome in their browser installation and I think (but am not sure) that Shockwave may not need to be installed separately. I know I used to have both a Flash Player Active X and a Flash Player Plug-in installed on my system, and now there is only a Flash Player Active X showing in the Add/Remove Programs and one entry for Shockwave.
  9. Thanks for clarifying that rudger79! I am still running XP (and will do so probably for the life of my computers) and I didn't know that about Vista or Windows 7.
  10. I think you need to uninstall Windows Defender not only turn it off. As I recall Windows Defender conflicts with KIS... or at least used in in earlier versions it was said.
  11. You can try to stop the scan and if you are able to stop it then you can restart it again and choose "Scan from current location" or maybe it is called "Resume Scan". Then if you are lucky it will finish. I used to have a file that would stop it at 87% and I would always be able to stop and restart the scan and it would continue until 99% at which point I couldn't stop it and restart it.... but that may be a different issue... so I would first try to stop and restart yours at the 58% where it stops and see if it will finish or stop again on some other file later.
  12. Well I once again did clean uninstall then reinstalled and started a Full Scan immediately before it could download the latest updates. I was actually able to complete a Full Scan while it was showing without patch a or b and with the original database that came with the download. During that scan it downloaded the latest updates.... so I am unsure whether the scan actually used those latest updates or the original signatures database that were there when it started the scan... and it also downloaded patch a and b during the scan, but I had not rebooted yet. So in those conditions it did complete the Full Scan. After I rebooted I once again ran a new full scan to see if things had changed with Patches a and b and the latest updates, and it wouldn't complete... stopped at 99% again. So I once again did a complete uninstall using the KIS uninstaller tool and did a clean install of KIS 2010 and now each and every time I run a full scan it completes without problem. Therefore it seems to me that patch a or patch b of KIS 2011 causes this problem. Maybe I am wrong but I am staying with 2010 unless or until I see all the other many people with this problem have found the solution. 2010 works fine.
  13. Yes I understand the theory of that richbuff. I hadn't run one since I installed kis11.0.0.232en and was able to solve the problem in that version by deleting the one file it always hung on at 99%. But now since I installed kis11.0.1.400en if I delete the file it hangs on then it hangs on a different one. I attempted to go to support at the URL you suggested.... although I am much more confident in a fix coming here in the forum... but I was further demoralized to see that there they show the latest version as ...401us-en... and they seem to be tailoring not only the product but support also in a region-centric way. I will never download a us only version since half my computers are in the US and half are not, so I fear that will generate more problems later with my other computers and if I have activation problems later on half my computers when I renew next time because of their ill-advised regional policy I will REALLY get mad and probably be forced to use something else. I am running a full scan on my son's computer right now (it has almost a year since a full scan was run on that machine), which still has 2010 on it because he didn't want me to upgrade it since it worked OK, and if that completes then the problem can't be caused by the definition updates, and I may go back to 2010 myself, pending a possilbe resolution here. If not maybe I will just leave 2011 and not run full scans because it doesn't work, but it also seems to cause other problems I never had with 2010 like web pages opening up really slowly or not at all unless I reboot.
  14. Well I thought maybe this had something to do with my Flash Drive since it was always stopping on that, so I removed the Flash Drive, uninstalled KIS ... this time just using the Control Panel uninstall and saving my activation data only, since installing the update after using the total uninstall tool and reactivating it hadn't worked.... and then ran the full scan with the original .400 before the patches a and b downloaded and were applied by rebooting. Now it didn't stop at 87% anymore, and it only took around 2 hours to get to 99% instead of around 9 hours like it did before, but it still did stop at 99% on a different file which was not on my Flash Drive, since that drive was no longer connected. So I rebooted so that the patches a and b were installed, ran a full scan again, and to my (temporary) delight it actually did finish. I then ran full scan again, to be sure the problem was fixed, and once again it stopped at 99%. Could it be that different update definitions are causing this? I think it did update the definitions between the time it completed and the next time it stopped at 99% producing after reboot the "unknown malfunction" message. I guess I have to decide whether to try either not running full scans and just rely on it to stop anything new coming in... since I know I currently have no infection.. or trying to go back to 2010 since an increasing number of new threads seem to be experiencing this same problem, which also feature slowdowns in accessing webpages that I con't recall happening with 2010.
  15. Update: I found that if I stopped the scan, then I could restart it and it will continue on past 87% to ... we'll soon see where... in about an hour it says when it is now 91%. But when it stops at 99%, as other posters have noted, you can't stop it unless you reboot the computer. I also meant to mention in my first post that if you go to detailed report when it stops either at 87% or 99% you can find no reference to the files it is stopping on. Also I went to the Kaspersky Support, Fast Track Support site to see what they would come up with if anything, and while looking around there I found a reference to people who couldn't connect to the internet, and it said: I don't have that problem, but just to check the contents of my hosts file against what they say it should be I downloaded the "original" hosts file from Kaspersky. I clicked on "You can download the file here: hosts (downloads/hosts/hosts)." the indicated place in the Help webpage, and saved the resulting file in to my Archive directory (it saved the web page displaying the hosts file contents as a .mht file. After that KIS flagged that "host.mht" file downloaded from Kaspersky as a threat and claimed it contained the Trojan: Trojan.Win32.Hosts.gen Ridiculous... a file downloaded from Kaspersky with a trojan? I don't think so.
  16. I had this when I first installed 2011.... this was version kis11.0.0.232en and it always stopped on the same file. I was able to identify the file and deleted it, and then the full scans completed successfully. Now, because I was having the problem on many websites, particularly one of a bank, taking forever to open, and in the case of one bank (Bank of America) I was unable to successfully schedule a payment and would get a message that the webpages were not presented in the order expected, I decided to try kis11.0.0.400 to see if that would fix the problem. Teh way I did this was to use the latest KIS total unintall application and do a fresh install and reactivation. Now once again I have the hanging at 99% problem.... can't stop the scan either except by shutting down the computer. I tried again and then it hung at 87%.... I was able to start it again and then it hung at 99%. When I reboot the full scan says it was stopped because of an "unknown malfunction". The problem now is that the file on which is stops at the 99% point is a subfile within the Kaspersky installer file on my flash drive. When it hangs at 87% the file is a subfile within the iTunes installation file. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to see the full path of the file it is hanging on... the one that hangs it at 87% shows as: ...\iTunes[1].msi//GEARDRIVERS_x86.cab/gearaspiwdmx86.cat.32768E... which I believe to be a component inside the iTunes[1].msi installer file.... am I correct in that assumpton? I tried deleting the KIS installer file from my flash drive and running full scan again.... although it is odd that the same file exists on my hard drive as well and that copy of it didn't cause the hang, and I am running it again now. Now it has stopped once again at 87%... before I was somehow able to start the scan running again and then it stopped again at 99% later, but this time I don't seem to be able to get it to continue past 87%. I have been a happy KIS user for many years, since version 6, but this is becoming really tiresome. Any ideas on how to solve this? Uninstall and reinstall again and again and again?
  17. If that is accurate, it is an unacceptable policy and may result in me switching to something else after many years of happy KIS use.
  18. While I believe .400 does work better than .232 and I would install .400 if I were you, I never experienced the problem to which you refer UNTIL I installed .400 so whatever it is that causes that to happen I don't think installing .400 will necessarily fix that problem.
  19. I had the same thing happen on a Windows XP machine (SP3) 32bit yesterday after I formatted the hard drive and restored it. I found it was hangin on a seemingly empty directory associated with my user id (S-1-5-21-448539723-1303643608-XXXXXXXXX-XXXX) in the P:\RECYCLER folder. I finally fixed it by shutting down, logging on as a different user, deleting that directory (S-1-5-21-448539723-1303643608-XXXXXXXXX-XXXX) in the P:\RECYCLER folder and running the full scan again. Now it does the full scan with no problems, even from the orignal desktop that had the problem.
  20. It doesn't matter what version you purchased. You can use the activation code from your purchased 2010 to activate the version 2011.... at least it has always worked that way. I guess there are some complications now that have been added relating to what country you purchased it in, but probably you can activate it with the code you purchased. I activated 2010 with an old Activation Code from Version 7 once... I had purchased an extra boxed version because I got a good deal on it at the now defunct CompUSA and activated 2010 after my current subscription expired with the code from that old version.
  21. I used Ovi suite and KIS 2010 or 2011 (I can't remember if I was using it before I upgraded to 2011 or after or both) and it worked OK... except that I quickly found that Ovi Suite is very poor software and I went back to using the PC Suite instead. But Kaspersky had no problems with either one of those Nokia software that I experienced.
  22. How did you do this? I can only find an option to exclude folders under Exclusions and not file types. I am using KIS 2010 on this machine if that makes a difference.
  23. Thanks for the tips Ray. For me... today... the apple site is working fine using IE8. Yesterday I was able to load that site while using Google Chrome just fine with no delay from the same computer at the same time, but did not load with IE8 until I added those URLs that Whizard had suggested to the Trusted sites. So it would seem that IE8 or it's settings must have a role in this problem, regardless of apple's congestion and/or the possible involvement of KIS. I am certainly not one who wants to "blame" anything on KIS... I love KIS, think it is the best product out there, and wouldn't use anything else... still that doesn't mean there couldn't be some involvement with KIS in this issue. Anyway it works today... I did add the http://images.apple.com also like the following poster did before I tried it today, but then I unchecked that URL and clicked apply and tried it again and it still worked, so I don't know if adding that really helps the problem or is necessary or not.
  24. For you... today ... it does. I have 2011 and had the problem and *thought* I had fixed it with the tip that Whizard posted the other day about adding some URL's to the Trusted Zone, but I just checked it (with IE8) and it opens... sort of...pretty much right away but all there is there is bar at the top that says "Store Mac iPod... " etc. and then a bunch of blank space below it and at the bottom at bar for "Hot News Headlines" and below that a couple of icons for a Mac Mini, Intoducing Safari 5, and one for Buy a Mac for College." If I use Google Chrome however it opens up right away (to the normal page about iPhone 4 "changing everything"), so maybe it is an IE8 problem? Ah.. now I see the middle part about the iPhone 4 is what is missing in IE8. Chrome has the same stuff at the bottom of the page as IE8. But IE 8 works good for everything else.... except apple.
  25. Hi dawgg, If you were answering my post I didn't mean to imply that it is malware or a parasite if that seemed like what I was saying... what I meant was richbuff said it was a known bug in version 2011 that it displays (in the case of the original poster) some Adobe program as IGOR PAVLOV software. In my case IGOR PAVLOV software is showing Apple Software Updater and another program to be under it, and the other ones I listed. As far as I can tell, all the programs listed under those Russian names work OK, and I thought it was kind of humorous that it lists the programs that way, and if that is considered a bug then my post was meant to be an additonal bug report, and not that I thought any of the programs listed under those names don't work as they were intended to, or are not genuine programs.
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