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  1. I've had KAV 6.0 and 7.0 beta's on a large single partition drive. Size is 640gig, one partition, about 24 gig in use. No issues. But I'd never run it from windows, and actually have only run it once in the 7 months I've owned the computer. My computer manufacture strongly recommends only running it from the Windows CD. Only reason I actually ran chkdsk was to see if I actually had any issue. I didn't. Pete
  2. Thanks Don. Forgot to mention I bought them from ICE system here in US, but I don't see that should matter.
  3. Hi ALL I renewed my commercial keys for KAV back in July. But I've never activated them, as I've been running beta versions that only use the beta key. Do I risk a problem this way, and how long can I go before I need to install a commercial version just to activate them. Pete
  4. Just curious if anyone knows what build the newly released .303 is? Pete
  5. I use KAV on a Desktop and Laptop and use 2 keys so my guess is you will have to buy 2 keys.
  6. It is strange. I saw the chkdsk errors first mentioned anytime something cause an improper shutdown. But with FDISR and perfect disk, I've had some nasty crashes and hangs with KAV and other beta's, but never had any problem that even caused chkdsk to run. Indeed strange.
  7. Hi All Just noticed this thread, and did a quick scan of it. If I read right, Frode, you were using Rollback Rx. That is probably your culprit. I saw the chkdsk errors you posted all to frequently, and after having Rollback corrupt several snapshots, I pulled it, and haven't seen them since. Been running KAV beta's since about build 200 and haven't seen the issue other than Rollback. You might try FDISR Pete
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