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  1. Sorry...I had tow mo0re bsod's, and had to uninstall and revert to Comodo. I've projects due and could afford this right now... I'll maybe try again in a few days... Regards, Chuck
  2. I dunno why, but it's looking like the issues with Office 2010 and KIS are still there -- for me at least. No question, as was told me in my go-round with this a few months ago, it could be something I run In memory). But, after looking through my "Stuff, I'm not ready to ditch any -- and Comodo gave me no-- wait one -- BSOD in several months, and KIS has given me three in 3 hours. I'm not ditching yet, but it sure is looking bad. I can't be constantly worried about crashing -- and I LIKE KIS...That's the real problem here... Ah me... Regards, Chuck Billow
  3. I had purchased KIS 2010 back in December, but had tremendous problems getting it to run with the MS Office 2010 beta, so I went back to Comodo. As understand it, the update for KIS 2010 (2011 is Office compatible now. If I download a trial of 2010, will I be able to register that copy with my 2010 reg #? I can't update/upgrade, as I don't have any KIS installed now. Regards, Chuck Billow
  4. 2010 has been running real smoothly for me. Windows 7 as well. KIS ought to come out with an RC so we could have a look... Regards, Chuck
  5. I'm sorry Don, I wasn't clear: I am running the RTM of Office 2010... So now I just wait for the English release. Any idea of ETA? Regards, Chuck Billow
  6. It is, but just recently. I just don't want to have the same issues again. Regards, Chuck
  7. Sjoeii, I can only assume from Lucian's post that KIS isn't Office 2010 ready quite yet -- in English. Thanks, Chuck
  8. I had had terrible BSOD issues with KIS and the beta of MSO 2010. I was told (here) that mostly this was due to the beta state of both Office and therefore KIS. Have these been corrected? Is it a safe product to install now on to of MSO 2010? Regards, Chuck Billow
  9. Well that certainly answers that. Between Orbit and Office issues, it's clear that I need to come back later... Although the Orbit didn't seem to be a problem... Thanks guys...
  10. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...80186d47795762f There's the GetSystemInfo link. Unfortunately it won't show a KIS install, as I had to uninstall KIS in order to be able to use the machine without crashing. Again, as I think this is critical, KIS was running fine with this exact configuration until I installed Office 2010. It would be great to figure out what is doing this. Regards, Chuck Billow
  11. I had this issue once before when I was running Office 2007, I believe in Vista. When brought to this board, the overall consensus was that I probably had older software that was causing the problem. Now the same problem has arisen again. But: I had all my software, including KIS 2010 installed and was having no problem whatsover. The yesterday I installed Office 2010. I had four BSODs over the next twelve hours. One of these came over night last night, with no activity on the machine. I set it on at 11pm (Pacific), at 3am all was fine, and at 8am I had a BSOD. I had started up the machine "normally" so all my "regular" software (keyboard macro program, clipboard manager, etc.) was loaded, but otherwise the machine was inactive. So it went 3 hours without issue, and then crashed. And this aft6r I had been running KIS on the very same setup -- without Office 2010 -- for some two weeks, without NO BSOD. I'm not sure that the assumption that it is older software is valid, since the same software works flawlessly with KIS until I install Office. Is there some setting I'm missing here? Regards, Chuck Billow
  12. I know Outlook 2010 is still beta, I'm willing to accept the potential issues fro that. If I set up KIS to block Spam, where does the spam get moved to? Is this determination by Outlook (that the letter is Spam) dependent upon having the e-mail labeled "Spam" in the subject line, for if so, and there are several that are then determined to be not spam, would they all need to be edited to remove the "spam" label? And, once moved, can I then click an e-mail to "move it back" to safe senders, or is the moving, and the changes to the lists (safe and not safe) a manual process at that point? Regards, Chuck Billow
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